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Recent Projects

CC Tech 


CC Tech works with Europe's leading organisations to provide specialist design, development and operation support within the biomedical, biocontainment and cleanroom environment responsible for leading scientific research. 

Requirements and WINNS' Solution

WINNS Services have provided us with high Quality clinical cleans prior to our VHP gassing process for many of our clients research facilities over the years. 

We carry out these services to achieve the following:

1. Sterilisation of  the physical environment to enable specialised research or healthcare, at the end of our processes the barrier is put in place.  This is normally the transition from construction to operational facility.

2. To decontaminate a space and allow access to engineers or construction work to take place. This is normally the transition from operational to maintenance/construction.

These include Decommissioning of a research facility at the University of Sheffield. A Pre clean of a new cancer research facility at the Royal Marsden Hospital in Sutton. A physical clinical clean of a new Research centre the Southampton SCCI.
They are experienced and knowledgeable in our specialists field and would recommend them in all forms of Clinical and deep cleans.
Steven Cubitt
CC Tech 


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