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Recent Projects

CPT Technologies 


Based in Basildon and Coventry CPT are an experienced team from the Automative industry that focuses on Niche markets within the industry that work in technology and manufacturing partnerships.

Their Requirement 

Due to intellectual property rights, value of equipment and third party property, it was vital CPT found a company that could provide a security service which Robustly monitored their Buildings which satisfied all their accreditation’s and also a cleaning company that fully vetted its staff to this level too.

WINNS' Solution

WINNS Services could cover both these requirements under the same management process. This also reduced CPT management input and Administrative processes.

“ Winns services have been providing our Cleaning and Security services for the last 5 years. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of our business It was vital we found a company that understood this, could comply with our requirements and above all trust. I have an excellent working relationship with the Director who remains “hands on” who I can escalate any issues to. “ 

Joe Curtis
Facilities & Test Engineering Manager 

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