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Recent Projects

Arup Group

We have recently been working with Arup Group supplying an Electrostatic Spray Service.

Arup Group are the UK’s leading architect and civil engineering company with over 3600 employees. They are based in the heart of Fitzrovia, London with two corporate offices, each containing 5 floors.

Arup Group hired our services on a retainer basis.  This enables us to respond to emergency situations and deal with suspected or confirmed outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus. Throughout the month of March, until the government introduced the lockdown measures, we were working with Arup providing the Electrostatic Spray Service. The electrostatic spray solution is a proven combatant against COVID-19.

Our client, Shaun Hamilton, is delighted with the service we provide knowing he can call on us at short notice. Shaun had this to say about WINNS:

“I have an excellent working relationship with WINNS and they are at the leading edge of cleaning technology, ideal to combat this virus, COVID-19. They are Professional, responsive, and adaptable.”

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