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Recent Projects

We are providing an excellent and unique service to ensure that workers can provide essential work to maintain and upgrade the rail network in a safe, secure and clean environment.


It was vital for our client, CRSA/Balfour, that we provide a clean, safe and secure environment for their staff in the workplace. Rob Stillwell, our Managing Director, took personal control of their requirements and came up with a unique solution to their requirements. 


As Rob explains, ‘along with providing a clean and secure environment, we had to consider a number of factors:

1) How could we reduce the risk of cross infection?

2) How could we ensure, as far as possible, a safe working environment for the staff?


WINNS solution to this problem:

  1. Conventional cleaning of all premises on a rolling programme.
  2. Electrostatic spraying of all vehicles, premises and touch points on a rolling programme 24/7 whilst staff on site. This electrostatic spray system eradicates the virus on surfaces and creates an effective barrier.
  3. Site security to provide access control.
  4. Site security acting as ‘Safe Distancing Marshalls’.

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