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The Health Passport is a revolutionary health identification system designed to create peace of mind in the uncertain times caused by the Coronavirus. At WINNS, we believe that the Health Passport is the perfect solution for large organisations that are looking to create a safe and COVID-19 free environment for their workforce.


What is the Health Passport?

The Health Passport is a state-of-the-art ID system that can track and display an individual’s health status. It is a simple-to-use application that can be accessed either through a desktop portal or mobile application.

However, the Health Passport is much more than an ordinary tack and trace solution. The Health Passport is designed using the patented, multi-award winning VCode® & VPlatform® technology. This means that the data stored on the Health Passport is encrypted end-to-end. The Health Passport is also technologically advanced enough to allow the passport holder to be scanned by an organisation from a distance of over 2 metres, keeping contamination risk at a minimum.

For large organisation, the Health Passport can act as the perfect health validation mechanism managing safe access control to workplaces, airports, public places, and any other places people attend in mass.

The Health Passport is perfect as a part of a fully integrated, six phase, turnkey solution that can allow an organisation full confidence that they have taken appropriate risk mitigation to ensure they are creating a safe and COVID-19 free environment for their workforce. This solution is called WINNS Workplace. The phases are as follows:

  1. Evaluation
  2. Delivery
  3. Communication
  4. Testing
  5. The Health Passport
  6. Control

The Health Passport

How does the Health Passport work?

The Health Passport works by utilising an easy-to-access application as well as cutting edge technology. The passport has functions for both administrators and users meaning the organisation can take control of their own passport system.

The Health Passport acts as a reliable identification means that informs a location that you have recently been tested and cleared for the Coronavirus.

Each individual passport holder is presented with a unique code on their passport. This code is read by an administrator of an organisation, instantly bringing up details of the individuals' health status. This code can be read from a distance of over 2 metres helping keep the administrator safe during the reading. The details that are brought up on the administrator’s portal will indicate to the organisation whether you are a healthy individual and safe to allow on the premises.


What are the steps for a user to sign up for a Health Passport?

1) As an individual, to begin your journey, you must first sign up for the Health Passport using the desktop portal or mobile application.

2) Once you have created an account, you need to book in a health check-up at your nearest testing centre. It is important to know that testing centres can be set-up at any workplace or location. This means your organisation may set up an exclusive testing centre for its employees.

3) When the day of your test has arrived, as a user, you must visit the testing location and get tested for COVID-19 and any other health requirements necessary.

4) Once you have had a test, you must then wait for the testing centre to analyse your results. During this time, you should keep an eye on the portal or the app.

5) Once your results are in, you will receive a status for your passport. The statuses include:

  • - Green – Negative
  • - Amber – Approaching Passport Expiry Date
  • - Red – Pass Expired (Positive tests would also show red)
  • - Blue – Pass Pending Results

As an administrator, you have access to additional features across the platform. This includes being able to scan and test individual passport holders within your organisation.

Scanning a code

Why use the Health Passport over other track and trace systems?

So why would a company want to use the Health Passport as opposed to any other track and trace method? Look at some key benefits you get from the Health Passport:

  • - It uses a state-of-the-art, patented, multi-award winning VCode® & VPlatform® technology. This revolutionary technology is not found in any other solutions on the market. It is end-to-end encrypted giving you complete confidence in the security of data held.
  • - It allows its administrators to accurately scan a user’s code from over 2 metres. This helps reduce the risk of contracting the virus keeping all parties safe.
  • - It is a permission-based system allowing multiple routes through the platform. These permissions can be set up around secure information and the delivered based on whom, what, where and when a person scans their code.
  • - The Health Passport is 10 seconds faster to interact with than other code/image recognition technologies. This efficiency could save hours of time for some large organisations.
  • - The Health Passport acts as a contact tracing system and can notify all users of a “positive” test automatically.


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