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We are excited to announce that we have a new starter joining our team. Please welcome Rachael Agombar to the team. 

Rachel joins the team in the position of Operations Manager. She has joined us from the aviation industry, having previously worked at Southend Airport. 

We are delighted to have Rachel join the team as she brings a wealth of knowledge with her through her 15 years of working experience. This includes working within both Hard FM and Soft FM. Over this time, Rachel has gained exposure in multiple industries, including leisure, retail, distribution and aviation

Rachel grew up in a sporting environment and has played football since a young age. She loves the competitive nature of sport and the challenges that comes with it. She is located in Basildon , local to the WINNS Essex office.

We sat down with Rachel to find out how she was feeling about the new challenge ahead of her. She had this to say: 

"I am really looking forward to a change in my environment and the new challenges that working with WINNS will bring. I can not wait to get stuck into the role and use my skills to help train and develop people. I get real satisfaction from making positive changes in my role."

Rachel also described herself as a troubleshooter who loves to go into a business and solve problems. She said she had a strong health and safety background, using her training to create structured organised environments to help train and develop people. 

Rachel New Starter


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