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WINNS Workplace is a turnkey solution that provides organisations with an appropriate and proportionate plan, as well as robust assurance of risk mitigation policies including:

  • Assessment of the requirement using a bespoke risk matrix.
  • Highly effective Covid-19 testing for health screening.
  • A digital health passport system to manage the testing programme.
  • An award-winning incident management and Control Room solution to manage access and incidents.
  • A communications platform to provide messaging to the workforce, building trust and confidence.
  • Hardware and infrastructure in support of any mitigation requirements.

WINNS Workplace is a solution designed with flexibility in mind. The individual products are outstanding on their own and, depending on what the organisation already has in place, can be added, or removed from the solution. However, together they give a fully integrated solution.


How the WINNS Workplace solution works

WINNS workplace solution

Phase 1 - Evaluate

The initial evaluation phase can be carried out by our certified H&S and Occupational Health specialists or by your internal team. This phase will highlight your site / business requirements and dictate the technology and testing solutions that will be required to get your workforce back into the work environment quickly, safely and confidently.

On completion of this process, a detailed report will be produced to highlight the appropriate actions required and the plan will be agreed by you before we proceed to the delivery phase.


Phase 2 - Delivery

The delivery phase can be carried out by our specialist team or your own internal team, depending on the actions set out in the evaluation phase. All actions agreed during the evaluation phase will be delivered according to timelines agreed.


Phase 3 - Communication

Through our award-winning solution, you can easily communicate the whole delivery phase to your workforce. Internal teams and/or sub-contractors can be updated and trained through the easy-to-use platform that can be branded to your business requirements.

When it comes to testing, efficient communication is vital to install confidence and ensure that the workforce is in place at the right time and knows what is expected. The communications' application is a key benefit in our solution and can support many additional uses.


Phase 4 - Testing

Our Health Passport is test agnostic and therefore can be used alongside any agreed testing solution. Our global testing specialists offer a wide range of testing options to suit your requirements. Testing is not restricted to COVID-19, so additional tests, such as drugs and alcohol will be able to be implemented.


Phase 5 – Health Passport

The Health Passport is developed on the revolutionary VCode® and VPlatform technology. A passport holder can present their assigned
VCode® content using their smartphone, fob or lanyard printout, which can be scanned outside the two-metre safe distancing zone.

A high level, GDPR compliant screen can confirm and authenticate the holder’s current health status to members of the public via a visualised traffic light system (Green, Amber, Red with Blue for a ‘Pending’ result).

Using platform permissions, the passport can also present extended information to verified health care officials.

VCode® can also be integrated into your site entry system to allow or deny access depending on the holder’s passport status.

The VCode® and VPlatform® technology is currently used under contract to the United Nations as part of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Collaboratory program, which aims to provide a wide range of technology services to nine billion people by 2030.

The Health Platform can be taken ‘as-is’ and white-labelled for your sole use. If the full solution is not required, you can use the VCode® (API) & Software Development Kit (SDK).

WINNS Workplace Health Passort

Phase 6 - Control

The control solution is integrated with the Health Passport to control access and provide a secure working environment for the workforce on site.

It provides a centralised dashboard that gives an immediate overview of both incidents and assets with a full audit trail of when people logged onto the system and when they entered the site, along with their real-time location when on site. This is done through GPS/Geo-Fencing and gives instant tracking of staff and incidents in either a fixed or fluid location.

The above is just a small part of the functionality and benefits that this application can provide. As part of the WINNS Workplace Solution, it creates another layer of safety and control for your workforce.


WINNS Workplace


WINNS Workplace Frequently Asked Question:

What is the health passport?

A health passport is a revolutionary technology to allow its users a digital means of tracking their movements around a building. Using either a smartphone, fob or lanyard they can check into a location by scanning an access point in a safe 2-metre zone.


Why is WINNS Workplace a full turnkey solution?

The WINNS workplace solution is a full turnkey solution as it helps you throughout all stages of your businesses risk mitigation. The solution provides risk evaluation, delivery and implementation of the risk mitigation processes, communication throughout and risk control.


Do I need the whole of the WINN Workplace solution if my organisation has risk mitigation processes in place?

No. The individual products that make up the WINNS Workplace Solution are outstanding on their own and, depending on what is already in place in your place of work, can be added or removed from the overall solution.


Is WINNS Workplace effective in the fight against COVID-19?

The WINNS Workplace Solution is highly effective for COVID-19 health screening and prevention solution. Not only does it provide a digital system to manage the testing program, it also has award-winning features to manage access and incidents, helping to keep your staff safe and happy.


Why is the evaluation phase carried out by a certified H&S and Occupational Health specialist?

The evaluation phase is carried out by a certified H&S and occupational health specialist to ensure that your site / business requirements and the technology and testing solutions that will be required to get your workforce back into the work environment quickly, safely and confidently are highlighted correctly. They also create a detailed report to make things as clear as possible for the organisation.


What happens with visitors to your site?

Unfortunately, visitors visiting your site are always at risk as they are unlikely to be a part of your internal risk mitigation processes. The WINNS Workplace Solution works with your business to find a solution that minimises the risk of visitors entering your site. For example, it may be advisable for you to direct all deliveries to a single goods entrance, where a single individual interacts with visitors wearing full PPE equipment.


What happens if my organisation has multiple sites? 

If your organisation has multiple sites it is advised that each site acts as its own entity and performs its own risk mitigation evaluation. This is because each premises will have features and requirements different from the next.


How do you control a COVID-19 outbreak?

The WINNS Workplace Solution offers a full and inclusive system to allow you to control an outbreak. This is done through a centralised dashboard that gives an immediate overview of both incidents and assets. It provides a full audit trail of when people logged onto the system and when they entered the site along with their real-time location when on site.


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