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A security concierge is a type of concierge service that combines traditional concierge services with security and protective services. The security concierge provides a range of support services to customers while also ensuring their safety and security. Some common duties of a security concierge may include managing access to a building or event, performing patrols, responding to security incidents, providing information and assistance, and performing routine security checks. The security concierge is typically well-trained in security procedures and protocols and is equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform their duties effectively. The goal of a security concierge is to provide customers with a high level of customer service and security in a professional and efficient manner.

A concierge security guard will be able to deliver a wide range of duties. This includes:

  • CCTV monitoring
  • Call answering
  • Monitoring the access to your premises
  • Welcoming and greeting visitors
  • Providing a standard security service


The Benefits

  • Visitor Management: A security concierge service can provide professional and efficient management of visitors to your building, ensuring that only authorised personnel are granted access.
  • Enhanced Security: A concierge service can provide an additional layer of security for your building, helping to deter criminal activity and protect your property and assets.
  • Professional Appearance: A security concierge can provide a polished, professional appearance for your building, which can be beneficial for both your business and the impression it makes on visitors.
  • Emergency Response: A security concierge is trained to handle emergency situations, and can provide a fast and efficient response to any incidents that may occur on your property.
  • Customizable Services: A security concierge service can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your building and your business, allowing you to select the services that are most important to you.


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  • Over 30 years’ experience within the industry.
  • Our qualified management team, service partners and trained staff allow you to cherry pick the services that match your requirements.
  • We will ensure you receive the highest standard of service using the latest technologies of cleaning and eco friendly products and delivering ongoing innovation throughout the contract.