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Cleaning chemicals


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Cleaning consumables refer to the disposable or single-use products used in the cleaning process. These can include paper towels, Toilet roles, washing up liquid, Dishwasher tablets, black bags and other similar products. They are commonly used in offices and commercial settings, and can be purchased in bulk for use in larger cleaning projects. 


The Benefits

  • Cost savings: Proper ordering and management of consumables can help to reduce costs by avoiding overstocking, reducing waste, and taking advantage of bulk discounts.
  • Increased efficiency: Having a well-stocked supply of consumables on hand can help to reduce downtime and increase operational efficiency.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Keeping supplies well-stocked and readily available can help to improve customer satisfaction and experience.
  • Better inventory management: Keeping track of consumable usage and ordering new supplies in a timely manner helps to ensure accurate inventory levels and reduces the risk of stockouts.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: A well-run and well-stocked business, including proper management of consumables, can enhance the business’s reputation and attract new customers.


Why Use WINNS?

  • Over 30 years of experience within the industry.
  • Our qualified management team, service partners and trained staff allow you to cherry-pick the services that match your requirements.
  • We will ensure you receive the highest standard of service using the latest technologies of cleaning and eco-friendly products and delivering ongoing innovation throughout the contract.