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Dog handling security service involves the use of trained security dogs to provide security and protection. The dogs are trained to detect and respond to security threats and are often used in high-risk or high-stakes security situations. Dog handling security personnel, or handlers, are responsible for the care and control of the dogs and work closely with them to provide a high level of security and protection. Some common duties of dog handling security personnel may include performing patrols, responding to security incidents, and providing a visible deterrent to potential security threats. The goal of dog handling security service is to provide an effective and reliable security solution that is able to quickly detect and respond to security incidents.


The Benefits

  • Increased Security Deterrence: Trained security dogs can serve as a powerful deterrent to potential threats, thanks to their ability to protect a property.
  • Rapid Response to Threats: With their keen senses, security dogs can quickly identify and respond to potential threats, ensuring a prompt response from their handler.
  • Enhanced Patrol Effectiveness: When used in combination with traditional security patrols, security dogs can cover more ground and detect potential threats more effectively, providing an extra layer of protection.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: Security dogs are trained to detect a range of potential threats, including drugs, explosives, and firearms. Their heightened sense of smell allows them to detect potential dangers more effectively.
  • Versatile Deployment Options: Security dogs are highly adaptable and can be deployed in a variety of environments, including open spaces, confined spaces, and low-light conditions. This versatility makes them an invaluable asset in any security operation.


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