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Providing safe, clean and hygienic kitchen and serving areas for employees, visitors and customers is paramount for their welfare.

Our specialist team adopt the the latest methods using eco friendly and Bio degradable chemicals where feasible, to de-scale, de-grease and remove carbon deposits. This includes ovens, fryers, canopy and extraction units. To minimise disruption we can work out of hours. All work conforms to the latest Health and Safety regulations.

A deep clean is when a focused and high level of cleaning is carried out in a property. There are a variety of reasons why deep cleaning may be required. It may be that the property has been newly purchased and has been found to be in a state of disrepair. It may have a build up of dirt, debris or even just everyday dust, which needs to be cleaned before the property can be used. By law, any areas that are used to provide a commercial catering service, such as canteens and kitchens have to adhere to strict legislation which governs the hygiene and condition of the area.


The Benefits

  • It increases hygiene within the premises. Something that is vital when preparing and storing food. It also means that you, as a business, are fully compliant with any hygiene and safety regulations that govern your industry.
  • Deep Cleaning is key in order to ensure that any equipment within your premises is clean and will work efficiently. It also reduces the risk of fire within the property.
  • It also means that the premises are a clean and pleasant place to work. This is vital not only for your staff, but also to create a good impression for anyone who needs to visit.


Why Use Winns?

  • We are a professional and family run business with over 30 years’ experience within the industry.
  • Our qualified management team, service partners and trained staff allow you to cherry pick the services that match your requirements.
  • We are small enough to care, yet resourced and experienced enough to deliver excellence.
  • We will ensure you receive the highest standard of service using the latest technologies of cleaning and eco friendly products and delivering ongoing innovation throughout the contract.