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Mobile patrols refer to a type of security service where security personnel conduct security checks and patrols using vehicles. Mobile patrols are typically used to provide security for large or expansive areas, such as industrial parks, commercial properties, or residential communities. The security personnel, who are usually in uniform and equipped with communication devices, will drive the patrol vehicles to various locations and perform security checks, such as checking for open doors, windows, or gates, and verifying that no suspicious activity is occurring. Mobile patrols also allow security personnel to quickly respond to security incidents or alarms and provide a visible deterrent to potential security threats. The goal of mobile patrols is to provide a flexible and efficient security solution that is able to quickly respond to security incidents and deter potential security threats.


The Benefits

  • Effective Deterrent: The presence of a security mobile patrol can be a strong deterrent to potential threats, providing a visible symbol of security.
  • Rapid Response: With the ability to quickly move to a potential threat location, security mobile patrols can respond promptly and effectively.
  • Improved Area Coverage: Security mobile patrols can cover a larger area compared to static security measures, ensuring a wider coverage of the property.
  • Flexibility: Security mobile patrols can be adapted to the specific needs of the property and the environment, providing a tailored security solution.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Compared to full-time on-site security, mobile patrols can be a cost-effective solution that provides a high level of security coverage.



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