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3 Signs That You Should Upgrade Your Office Security Access System

July 12, 2018 by WINNS Services

A company will face many challenges, but your security access system should not be one of them. Because of this, you must make sure you have the correct system for you and your business’ needs. In this post, we look at three signs that say when you need to upgrade or install a better access control system.

#1 Your existing system is outdated

Your security needs will constantly be developing. The needs of the business will change, therefore your security plans and strategy should keep up. An old system is probably outdated and not providing sufficient enough security to keep your property and its contents safe.

#2 Using keys as a form of access

If you are still using keys as a form of access to your building, you are not operating efficiently and are putting your property at risk. A controlled access system will reduce the risk of liabilities, therefore, improve business efficiency. A digital form of access will be more reliable and provide peace of mind for those in the premises as the likelihood of forced entry decreases considerably.

#3 You have been burgled before

If you have had forced entry before, it is evident you need to improve your security measures. If someone was able to break-in, they will be able to do it again if you do not increase or update your safety plan. You must evaluate your plan and strategy regularly, making sure all functions are up to date to keep them working at optimum level.

Did you know most convicted burglars admit they want to avoid properties will an alarm, and if they did encounter an alarm they would abandon the attack? The need for a new-fashioned and appropriate system has never been more important for organisations.

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