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5 Warning Signs To Look Out For With Faulty Electrical Wiring In Your Commercial Property

July 19, 2018 by WINNS Services

Did you know electrical malfunctions are one of the main causes of property fires? But, the number of fires could be decreased if the appropriate prevention methods were in place, for example looking out for faulty wiring.

Here we discuss 5 warning signs of faulty electrical wiring that YOU should be aware of.

1. Flickering lights - Do not assume your flickering lamp means it needs a new bulb. Flickering or dimming is usually because the wiring connecting to a plug may be faulty or damaged, therefore not being able to successfully transfer the energy. Be careful! The malfunctioning wire could cause electric shocks or a fire, therefore always react when a device is not performing how it is meant to.

2. Weird smells - If your fuse box or breaker panel is producing a strange burning metal odour, do not use it and call an electrician right away. If any appliances are smelling strange, make sure to remove them from the outlet, then turn off and unplug anything connected to it. Precautions like these, even if there was nothing actually wrong, means you are able to build best practices for when a risk was ever to occur.

3. Sparking - A clear sign that your wiring is at fault. However, it is the way you handle the situation which is key. If a mains electricity is sparking, call a qualified electrician as soon as possible, but if it is an appliance then you may only need to contact the person responsible for its repair. An electrician can be costly, therefore if it is not necessary to call them then don’t. Also, if your machine is new, you may be able to use the warranty for it to be fixed.


4. Hot outlets - Heat is a major sign of damaged wiring. Even if the machine itself is made to produce heat, the plug itself should never get hot. A slight warmth may occur, but anything above a comfortable touch may be a danger. Therefore, unplug the device, let it cool then try it in another outlet. This may show whether it is the plug or the specific outlet which is causing the problem. If the plug gets hot without being plugged in it may be wired incorrectly.


5. Blown fuses or tripped breakers - Circuit breakers and fuses are created with the intent to prevent overloading. If the object’s fuse constantly goes regardless of where it is plugged in, the appliance itself is most likely the problem. However, if you are using a single outlet and that causes to blow the same fuse repeatedly, the circuit board is perhaps overloaded. The best thing to do is call a pro and discuss your options, maybe upgrading the circuit board or adding a new line.

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