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6 Reasons Why You Need Pest Control This Summer

July 10, 2018 by WINNS Services

Pest prevention is vital for your business. Pests such as bugs or rodents have the potential to destroy your property, make it unsanitary or even unsafe. Situations such as these have the ability to cost hundreds or even thousands in repair costs, make your employees unproductive or even get your business shut down. A professional service can conduct a site survey to see if your residential home or commercial property is infected with pests or they can supply prevention methods to stop them from entering. Here are 6 reasons why you need pest control this summer!

  1. Health risks - Rodents especially carry a large number of harmful infections and diseases, there is no way of knowing which ones carry them until it is too late. Therefore, preventing them from entering is vital as you do not want your staff or family exposed to such life-threatening illnesses.
  2. Property damage - Creepy crawlies are known for their abilities to destroy properties and objects whilst remaining invisible in the process. Bugs such as termites, carpenter ants, carpet beetles and silverfish are some of the most fearsome insects for property owners because of their ability to fully destroy. If they are able to damage your possessions, it could mean machinery becomes unsafe to use. It is important for you to prevent and work quickly if you have suspicions of invasion from the little terrors.
  3. Food contamination - Rodents and bugs are attracted to food. Their love means it is likely that the food will be contaminated with the bacteria and diseases they carry. Especially not ideal for places which have inspections to see if they are sanitary, this could result in closure. The risk for your business and health is not worth it, therefore hiring a professional pest control provider is essential.
  4. DIY job - We are sorry to say a do-it-yourselfer does not work for pest control. Shop bought pest control products are usually a gimmick and cannot provide what was promised on the tin. Time is essential in the control of rodents and insects, therefore trying to get rid or prevent yourself will only waste time, allowing the situation to escalate further. By hiring a professional service, they will provide results, as well as be cost-effective. In the long run you will not waste your money on unsuccessful ‘do-it-yourself’ products.  
  5. Health and safety rules - By having pests you could be breaking the health and safety act policy for your employees, as you are no longer providing a healthy environment for them to work in. Therefore, by implementing pest control, you are abiding by the requirements you promised to uphold.
  6. Stress - Your property being contaminated with pests can be very stressful as the repercussions are dangerous. Therefore, effective prevention is the best way to stop the pests from entering in the first place and effective decontamination will resolve the problem quickly- a stress-free life for you!

Here at WINNS Services, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and working with clients to offer the best solution to their queries. If you have any questions regarding the Pest Control Services offered at WINNS or would like a quote, please do not hesitate to call us on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk


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