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January 18, 2022 by WINNS Services

WINNS have changed the scoring criteria for client feedback on their Monthly Client Report forms which asks, ’How happy are you with your team?’. Previously 7/10 was considered satisfactory and anything below automatically notified the Executive Team for immediate discussion and follow up action.  But now, as a company, we do not accept that 7/10 is good enough! 



As a company we are confident that we take every step possible to deliver the highest quality service standards and we take great care in ensuring that our service minimises risk and impact and meets best practice standards. 

We operate cleaning, security & maintenance services according to our established, documented and implemented Quality Management System (QMS), which is accredited to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

It is the aim of WINNS Services to provide, within budget and in the most cost-effective manner, the appropriate number of staff, motivated and trained in the necessary skills to meet the requirements of the clients in accordance with the contractual specifications.

The Executive Team at WINNS recognises for the Company to be successful in the future, it will no longer be sufficient to simply meet the contractual requirements laid out between us and the client, but to exceed the level of service expected and our efforts are concentrated on the customer experience of what it is like to do business with WINNS Services e.g., always returning customer’s communications promptly, administration staff knowing customers by details, etc.  

We believe that being customer focused goes further than simply, “meeting the customer’s requirement”. For WINNS Services to be recognised as a benchmark service provider it wants to be, it will be necessary for all members of WINNS Services to be personally committed to the pursuit of excellence in their own contribution to the delivery of WINNS’ services, our core service outputs or the more peripheral outputs, such as visits, audits and admin support etc. It also means that we must all maintain a WILCO attitude to requests for assistance. Achieving this aim will result in a vibrant efficient and profitable company in which we can all enjoy working.

Methods of Operation That Define Our QMS (Quality Management System) 

The methods of operation that define our QMS (Quality Management System) and how we operate are fundamental to our business processes and ISO 9001:2015 compliance, and they include the following: 

  • Review and confirm Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and set up meeting schedules between our clients and our local Contract Managers with appropriate timings (i.e. Weekly/monthly)
  • Review and confirm Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and set up measuring and reporting systems to provide a seamless service stream
  • Establish change control procedures and those responsible from both sides
  • Establish escalation procedures and identify responsibility chain
  • Complete Health & Safety Risk Assessments at each site - close and plan appropriate corrective actions/mitigations
  • Create/refresh/review sops and Work instructions in agreement with clients
  • Set up staff and rosters on WINNS management systems
  • Undertake a Training Needs Analysis, prepare training matrix, and implement cleaning post training, including staff sign-off
  • Carry out toolbox talks with staff to ensure understanding of the requirements so that every aspect of our service will operate effectively every single day. 


Our Contract Managers  provide in-depth management information and performance reporting - that gives our customers a full and accurate appreciation of our performance throughout the contract term. This information is provided at the Monthly Review Meeting.

Our performance reporting is designed to enable our local management teams to work in partnership with our customers to proactively plan rather than retrospectively assess. Through our performance reports, dashboards and meetings, our clients are able to monitor, in a fast and user-friendly way, the current KPI achievements and deliverables required under the service level agreement. 


WINNS produce reports on every aspect of our operation, and are happy and keen for our clients to view and create bespoke reports that will assist operations.

We are also able to report on site specific matters, review a particular area of our service or detail our strategy for continuous improvement at any point during the contract. The final format of our management reports are agreed with our clients and signed off as part of the Mobilisation period.

Combined, these reports ensure a full and accurate representation of our performance for each client.   We believe that this openness and transparency enables a true partnership, ensuring that we remain truly accountable. 


In conclusion, as a Company, we believe that 7/10 does not indicate that our client’s believe that we have taken every step possible to deliver the highest quality service standards. Instead, it indicates room for improvement and we will be working with them to ensure that WINNS becomes a leading provider of cleaning and security services across the UK.



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