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A Coronavirus Killing Spray Helping To Keep Sites Safe

As businesses prepare for a phased return to work during this unprecedented time, many contractors are using an electrostatic spray to kill the Coronavirus and help keep sites safe.

The disinfectant, which is delivered by an electronically charged spray system, can be safely applied to surfaces that people commonly come into contact with. These include reception desks, turnstiles, canteens, lockers and electronics.

As a retailer or commercial business, measures will need to be put in place to protect owners and customers against the spread of Covid19 and the possibility of cross-contamination. It is important that the common touch points and surfaces are regularly sterilised on a daily basis and can be completed overnight. 

The Virus Sanitisation Solution that is verified to be effective against the Coronavirus has been developed and is being used by WINNS Services. We can provide a quotation for your premises without the need for a site visit since we base our quotes on the square meterage or footage of your premises.

For a free quotation or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us directly by email.


Written by WINNS Services