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Security is an essential service to help keep a company's staff, visitors and premises safe during the working week. Luckily, there are many types of security solutions, all of which suit different companies in different ways. In this blog we explore 6 types of security solutions that can be deployed to make your business a safer and better place to work.
Since the outbreak of the pandemic, employees having to attend the office, are more conscious about the overall hygiene and cleanliness around the building. This is intensified when they are using the office bathrooms.
Rope access window cleaning, also referred to as abseil window cleaning, is a method of cleaning windows. It is used to reach the highest windows on a building. This involves the use of rope and other specialist equipment not used in other methods of window cleaning.
The cleaning industry is complex and giant. The UK market for contract cleaning is estimated to be £5.6 billion alone. Within this massive industry there are an array of different types of cleaning services that will suit different types of businesses. These range from the need for an industrial clean to wanting a one off basic clean.
What is Periodic Cleaning? Every business can get messy and untidy from time to time. In addition, infection control and maintaining areas such as toilets, showers and kitchens ensuring they recieve a hygienic clean is imperative. If you have staff working with you, or perhaps plenty of visitors coming into the premises, then dirt is going to build up.
What are Alarm Activations? If you own and run a business premises, then chances are that you will want to make sure that it is protected. This is why plenty of people decide to install alarms into a building. But what happens when it comes to monitoring these alarms, and attending if there is a problem?
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