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Security for Engineering and Construction Sites As building and construction sites contain a lot of valuable equipment and quality materials, these sites are a target for thieves. If proper security measures are not put in place, thieves can access these areas and cost the company thousands of pounds worth of damage.
Hot-desking offices have dirtier desks A study has found that hot-desking workplaces may be less hygienic than those with fixed-desks, increasing the risk of cross-contamination and the spread of colds and viruses. Hot-desking, where employees don’t have one fixed workstation, but instead switch desks every day, has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, these findings suggest that having germs from different people on the desk surface, computer mice and other equipment, means these workstations are typically home to more bacteria.
What is Deep Cleaning? For areas that need to be more than just surface cleaned, there is the deep clean. Keeping an area tidy is one thing, but if you have a need to have an area thoroughly cleaned, this is where a deep clean is needed.
What are Concierge Duties? Here at WINNS Services we understand that security is so much more than just having someone on site. Whilst it is important to protect your premises, stock and employees, a security company can also provide many other things that could be beneficial to your business.


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