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The Benefits of an Electrostatic Sprayer

An electrostatic sprayer is a sanitising spray system that encompasses all surfaces and touch points eliminating all virus and germs.

The electrostatic spray system works as a sanitiser and a preventative for harmful virus’ and germs within an enclosed environment. It does this by producing an electrostatically charged mist that is dispensed over surfaces and touch points. Check out our other blog if you want to understand it more. 

In this blog we look at the top benefits that an electrostatic sprayer will have for your business.

Electrostatic Sprayer benefits

1) It is an effective infectant control

An electrostatic sprayer, first and foremost, is an excellent infectant control. It is proven to disinfect and then help prevent harmful virus’ and germs from surfaces and touch points.

It can do it so effectively due to a specialised chemical solution which is positively charged through a combination or air and positive electrodes. This solution contains chemicals known to be effective in the disinfection and sanitisation. When the positive solution leaves the sprayer, it is immediately attracted to the negative charge on the surfaces and objects. This means the solution can reach all parts of an area, including the hard-to-reach places. It is also this charge that plays a key part in allowing a protective barrier to form.

This benefit alone is vital in today's climate. Unfortunately, since the outbreak of the coronavirus the need to protect against the spread of harmful infectious has been amplified.

2) It can be used in different locations and surfaces

The electrostatic sanitising system is a versatile and effective method of cleaning. It will benefit your business as it is able to be used across different industries, locations, and surfaces. This even includes electrical and cooking equipment.

The sheer versatility is a benefit as it offers an effective, proven cleaning technique that can be deployed company wide. There is no need in hiring different disinfectant services for different locations or surfaces.

Examples of places the electrostatic disinfectant has produced results include offices, schools, medical facilities, and commercial kitchens.

3) Areas sprayed are fit for purpose 15 minutes after spraying

The electrostatic spray is so effective in killing germs and bacteria that in as a little as 15 minutes, areas sprayed are now disinfected and ready for use. The spray systems offer your business a quick and reliable solution to making your environment ready for use.

The quick turn around is also down to the fact that the chemicals used within the solution are non-harmful.

Clean office Desk

4) It is quick and easy compared to traditional methods

Traditional, labour-intensive cleaning methods are worlds apart from an electrostatic spray solution. In the past, to sanitise a large space you would need multiple employees working at the same time, performing labour heavy work.

The electrostatic spray eliminates this need and allows an individual to perform the cleaning service using the sprayer. This will benefit your business as you are likely to have a sanitised environment in less time.

5) The sprayer is easy to prepare for and non-intrusive

An electrostatic sanitation service is non-intrusive and amazingly easy to prepare for. Unlike fogging, which is a similar, well known cleaning method, you do not have to switch off critical systems within your building. It can also be applied in a normally ventilated system.

You will however have to tidy up areas removing access paper or objects that do not need to be cleaned.

6) You are guaranteed a professional standard of cleaning

The benefits of using an electrostatic spray solution include the guarantee of a professional level of clean. Due to the effectiveness of the spray system you can be confident that you will sanitise the area.

The electrostatic spray leaves a streak-free finish and is non-staining and non-corrosive.

Professional Electrostatic Sprayer

7) Creates a safe and productive work environment

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus the need of having a working environment that is safe and sanitised has become a necessity to ensure the safety of a company’s employees and visitors.  The electrostatic spray benefits your business by offering such environment.

When your employees and visitors are in a supportive and safe environment you are likely to see an increase in productivity. This means you have more chance of operating a successful business.  


Written by WINNS Services