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8 Benefits Of Kitchen Deep Cleaning

November 25, 2021 by WINNS Services Ops Team

A kitchen deep clean is perfect for providing a safe, clean, and hygienic kitchen and serving areas for employees, visitors, and customers. In this blog we look at the benefits of kitchen deep cleaning and how they can help your business.


What is kitchen deep cleaning?

A kitchen deep clean is a professional standard of cleaning that goes above everyday cleaning tasks deployed in commercial kitchens and dining areas.

Kitchen deep cleaning is perfect for providing a safe, clean, and hygienic space for employees, visitors, and customers. Specialised, commercial grade cleaning equipment and techniques are used throughout the cleaning process, including eco-friendly and biodegradable chemicals where feasible, to de-scale, de-grease and remove carbon deposits.

A kitchen deep clean may be needed if a property has been newly purchased and has been found to be in a state of disrepair. It may have a build-up of dirt, debris, or even just everyday dust, which needs to be cleaned before the kitchen can be used.

During a kitchen deep clean, it is common that the following are cleaned and sanitised:

  • Countertops and surfaces
  • Equipment and appliances
  • Sinks and taps
  • Storage areas


Benefits of kitchen deep cleaning in action


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The benefits of kitchen deep cleaning

As well as creating a safe, clean, and hygienic space, a kitchen deep clean will help your business in the following ways:


1) Minimises the chance of the Coronavirus spreading

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, it has been vital that businesses mitigate as much risk as possible and minimise the chances of the Coronavirus spreading. A kitchen deep clean is ideal for fully sanitising the surfaces and equipment in your kitchen and dining areas.


2) Increases your overall hygiene

Kitchen deep cleaning is brilliant for improving the overall hygiene in your kitchen and dining area. This is because a deep clean includes taking special care when cleaning surfaces, equipment, sinks and taps, and general storage areas.

The additional care and time taken when cleaning ensures that all areas are sanitised and cleaned off the dirt and debris that may be missed during a regular clean. By taking this extra care, your area not only appears visibly cleaner, it is also free of potentially harmful microorganisms that may cause your employees, customers, and visitors harm.


3) Reduces the spread of food born diseases

A kitchen is purposely designed to prepare, cook, and consume food. The presence of food unfortunately means that there is an increased chance of food born diseases. These diseases can often cause humans to become extremely ill. They include:

  • Salmonella
  • E. coli
  • Norovirus

Just as with the Coronavirus, a kitchen deep clean allows you to mitigate most of the risk associated with these diseases spreading making it a safer environment to prepare and eat food in.


Avoid foodborne diseases


4) Keeps you compliant with health regulations

Within the food industry, whether you are providing a service for customers or producing food for employees, there are specific regulations set by the government to keep the consumers safe. These regulations are around:

  • Food hygiene
  • Kitchen ventilation
  • Waste disposal

A kitchen deep clean can be specially created to help your business abide to these rules and regulations. This could include disposing of food waste correctly or cleaning your kitchen ventilation. By undertaking a deep clean, you can ensure that you have mitigated as much risk as possible and remove the possibility of creating an unsafe environment.

Check out a detailed list of commercial kitchen regulations in this blog.


5) Keeps equipment working correctly

Kitchen equipment is usually very specialised and expensive. Even if you are not in a commercial kitchen, ensuring that your equipment lasts as long as possible is great for your business. It can save you lots of money and allow your employees to efficiently carry out their tasks.

A kitchen deep clean is excellent for your equipment as it removes potential harmful dirt, grease, and oil that may be affecting the operation of the equipment. The techniques and cleaning chemicals used will help preserve the life of the equipment and return them to as close to new as possible.


6) Reduces the risk of pests

Due to kitchens storing food and throwing away wasted food, there is a high chance of a pest infestation if these things are not managed properly. This includes both rodents and insects that like feasting on decomposing food.

A benefit of kitchen deep cleaning is that you ensure food is safely removed from your premises and that storage areas do not contain any forgotten food. You can also identify any high-risk areas and place precautions on them to minimise the risk of a pest infestation occurring.


Pest infestation


7) Improves employee mood and efficiency

It is true, happy employees do work more efficiently and effectively. By regularly deploying a kitchen deep clean, you are increasing your chances of creating a happy workplace and improving your employee’s mood.

This need for cleanliness and hygiene has become even more intensified since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. By actively deep cleaning cooking and eating areas, you can be seen to be making a conscious effort to combat the spread of the virus. This makes it visibly clear to your employees that you want to create a safe environment for them to eat and prepare food. This will make them happier and more confident in your business.


8) Increases the confidence of your customers

Just as you need to improve the mood of your employees, creating a happy customer is vital. Being seen to clean your kitchen and eating areas will help instill confidence in your customers that you are providing a safe environment for them to visit.


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