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August 2, 2022 by WINNS Services



We believe that our unique selling point (USP) is that we provide a superior and flexible service for all our customers.  Changes to our clients' needs as a result of COVID have created the need for the Board to consider the whole company infrastructure to determine whether it can meet those changing needs.

As a result, to ensure our Operations Team can meet the quality, cost and service obligations WINNS Services has for its clients, we have introduced a new Director's role within the organisation appreciating that effective operations are the essence of the business and directly determines how customers perceive the organisation.



Chris Stebbing who has been the Director of Operations for 10 years is now Director of Special Projects where his strategic talents and knowledge will be utilised to support the diverse and demanding needs of our construction and rail clients.  During the Pandemic, Chris' strengths were invaluable and were instrumental in providing the responsive service that our clients needed


Chris still maintains a mentoring role for Rachael Agombar.  Rachael was Operations Manager under Chris during the pandemic and has therefore gained a large amount of varied experience from Chris to go with the wealth of knowledge she brought with her to the Company.

Whilst the change in Company structure may suggest a distinct split in service provision, this is not the case.  The expertise, qualifications, talents and experience of all its Operations Teams will be utilised and capitalised to maximise its resources and ensure that we continue to retain our UPS of providing a superior, flexible customer-focused service.  Together they will ensure that they deploy the right resources at the right time to get the right result as well as having the correct people doing the correct job.



We recognise that one of the biggest mistakes that managers make is that they frequently do not pay enough attention to the design of their processed and as such Chris and Rachael are both actively involved in task design, planning and control and improvement for all operations and services.  They, together with the Board, ensure that continuous improvement is a constant consideration.

Client satisfaction is important and so it is measured at every opportunity.  The Operations Teams know that they are responsible for ensuring that the customer is 'delighted' that they want to continue using WINNS and want to tell their friends and colleagues about the outstanding level of service provided by WINNS.  Customer satisfaction is continually assessed using qualitative data collected at the Monthly client meeting.

Chris and Rachael are aware that the core objective of their Operations Teams is to ensure that everything runs smoothly and appreciate that the more boring their job is, the better the service delivery.  However, to make their jobs more 'interesting' both are actively involved in innovation and proactive activities to ensure that 'boredom' continues with no unexpected surprises.

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Working in collaboration, Chris & Rachael will ensure that problems and queries are dealt with promptly to ensure customer satisfaction.  We listen to our customers and have a good understanding of their needs and expectations and their priorities.  They can ensure that WINNS provides a flexible service that can cope with day-to-day variations to ensure operational effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

WINNS prides itself on listening to its staff and their suggestions.  All staff are regularly requested to offer their responses to what the Company should stop, start, and keep doing and frontline staff are interviewed at random to ascertain how far, from their experience, the Company meet its core values of fairness, innovation, and respectfulness, inclusiveness and transparency.  All staff have the direct phone numbers for their Account Manager, Help Desk, Control Room and Head Office where all staff are trained to deal with concerns sympathetically and respectfully.

WINNS appreciates the need to get the organisational culture right due to its crucial role in implementation, improvement and innovation and involves all its staff in every aspect of its operation.  WINNS is very clear in its objectives and these are regularly communicated to all staff so that everyone is aware of what we are working towards and the part they play in delivering those objectives.  Our staff have an interest in how the Company performs and the Operations Directors ensure that we are developing and using our staff as effectively as we can.

To ensure that standards remain high to protect our brand name, WINNS takes great effort to protect the interests and health and safety of its multi-skilled workforce, through training, staff newsletters, emails, regular site visits and direct access to the MD.


In conclusion, we are confident that Rachael & Chris will work together to ensure that the quality WINNS and its client's demand is communicated throughout the Teams and is delivered with no misunderstandings.


For more information on how WINNS is restructuring to adapt to the changing needs of its clients, please contact Ryan Stillwell on 01702 713100 or ryan.stillwell@winnsservices.co.uk






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