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Cleaning Prep Checklist For The Office Christmas Party

You will be counting down the days until the office Christmas party, but cleaning preparations need to be made in order for a stress-free night. You may have important clients attending, therefore you need to ensure the office is a clean, clear and pleasant environment for the party. Here is your cleaning prep checklist for the office Christmas party.

Declutter the office

Before any cleaning can be done, you will need to declutter the office. If desks, workspaces and countertops are dominated with items the cleaner will struggle to do an intensive cleaning of the office. If not properly completed, you will be wasting the cleaner’s time and your money, as well as having space which is not free of germs and dust. Make sure everyone is made aware of needing their workspaces to be clear, ready to be cleaned. As well as being actually clean, the office will need to have proper preparations complete in order to uphold a strong sense of positive brand identity.

Disinfect all surfaces

Now all surfaces have been decluttered, it is time to disinfect ALL surfaces. Especially, the areas that will be hosting food, drink and cutlery. As they will be being consumed, there will be a high risk of contamination due to being a heavily manned office. It is your responsibility to provide a clean and safe environment for staff, clients and any visitors that attend the Christmas party. Remember, there is a difference between cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting - make sure you disinfect accordingly!

Deep clean the bathrooms + kitchen

You will need to pay particular attention to the bathrooms and kitchens as these will be thoroughly used throughout the night. Make sure to deep clean all highly used facilities so that all party attendees are comfortable, safe and pleased with the cleanliness of the area. This appearance of these areas is one of the main contributors to brand identity, therefore, ensure focused effort is placed there.

Clean the windows

Although sometimes overlooked, the windows are important. You may have disinfected your entire office, but if the windows are left uncleaned they will soon bring your space back to where you started- dirty, germ-ridden and grimy. However, remember that your windows will need to be cleaned inside and out in order to be considered clean.

Empty + clean bins

In order for the office to remain as tidy as possible throughout the night, make sure to provide bins for attendees to use. This will mean less tidying and intense cleaning after the event. This also means fewer hazards and breakages less likely to occur. As well as on the night, you need to empty and wash all bins within the office so that they are ready to use and do not produce a questionable odour within the office.

Hoover + wash floor

Regardless if you have carpet or hard flooring, make sure to hoover and wash the floors so that dirt and grime are contained to a minimum. Pay particular attention to stains and try to remove them before the party to make the best impression possible on attendees. Although minor, simple mistakes such as a stain correlate highly with brand identity.

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Written by WINNS Services