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Do Your Premises Need Mobile Patrols In London?

October 26, 2021 by WINNS Services

Does your site in London need extra levels of security?

It makes a huge difference to have a regular physical presence on your site. Manned patrols both serve as a visual deterrent and are a cost-effective way to prevent vandalism and thefts, especially of valuable equipment, like computers of vehicles.

We regularly provide manned patrols to all kinds of sites in London to keep your business safe. The security guards won’t stay in one place but will ‘patrol’ your site. This means they will be unpredictable, which is another way to put off intruders.

Small enough to care but big enough to provide the resources you need.

A professional family-run business, Winns Services offer a wide range of security solutions to keep your premises safe. We have a qualified management team, service partners and trained staff that enable you to tailor-make a package for your unique needs.

Our roots date back to 1980 and our company merged with Division Simply Better services in 2015, we look to provide a more efficient service to our clients.

If you require mobile patrols for your site in London, simply get in touch for more information.

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