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Earth Day: The Steps We Take To Help The Environment

As a highly respected cleaning company, WINNS continually endeavours to ensure the impact of our services upon the environment is as positive as it can be. 

1) On a Company Level 

WINNS is excited to be introducing new chemicals to all our contracts.  These are probiotic cleaning agents, which ensure optimal, sustainable cleaning. Once these products have been used, they re-enter the environment where they actively contribute to water purification and maintain a natural microbial balance. Probiotics have a lower Health and Safety risk with minimised toxicity to both human health and aquatic life.  They are not just environmentally friendly, they enrich the environment.

As well as enriching the environment, this truly environmental solution:

  1. Reduces transport weight
  2. Reduces delivery frequency
  3. 100% biodegradable
  4. Reduces plastic waste (PCR and super concentrate)
  5. Reduces deliveries
  6. Reduces overall CO2e

2) On a Local Level 

In order to retain our ISO Environmental Management accreditation, WINNS has to regularly consider their environmental impact and note the actions taken to minimise this.

At Head Office we currently:

  1. Recycle all paper waste
  2. All communication is now conducted electronically, i.e. monthly staff newsletters, wage slips, audit results, etc.
  3. Company vehicles are being replaced by hybrids on a planned basis
  4. We have an ethical purchasing policy
  5. All contracts are electronically signed and saved


3) On an Individual Level 

WINNS are proud of the level of commitment all their employees show towards playing their part in ensuring that their environmental impact upon the world is positive.  Their actions include:

Walking/cycling instead of using vehicles whenever possible

  1. Litter picking on their daily walks
  2. Recycling
  3. Composting
  4. Growing own vegetables and fruit
  5. Using biodegradable bags
  6. Using biodegradable doggie bags
  7. Reuse whenever possible
  8. Using Chilli bottles for water 

To name but a few.

WINNS celebrates Earth Day and welcomes its ability to make us focus on what we are doing to reduce our negative impact on the world whilst challenging us to do better.



Written by WINNS Services