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Electrostatic Sprayer: Frequently Asked Questions

The electrostatic sprayer is quickly emerging as an industry leader in the prevention and disinfection of harmful virus’ and germs.

If you do not know what an electrostatic sprayer is why not check out our other blog. To put it simply however, an electrostatic sprayer is a sanitising spray system that encompasses all surfaces and touch points eliminating all virus and germs.

In this article we look to answer some frequently asked questions around the electrostatic sanitising spray topic.

1) Is the electrostatic sprayer effective at fighting COVID-19?

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus the electrostatic sprayer has emerged as a proven, effective way of killing and preventing the spread of the infection. This is due to its virus’ killing potential and its ability to create a barrier on surfaces to keep bacteria and virus’ for settling.

The electrostatic spray system has also helped fight the mental war against COVID-19. It has allowed business to create a safe environment for them employees as they know the chances of catching the virus’ at the workplace has been dramatically reduced.

Electrostatic sprayer Covid virus

2) How does an electrostatic sprayer work?

The electrostatic spray system works as a sanitiser and a preventative for harmful virus’ and germs within an enclosed environment. It does this by producing an electrostatically charged mist that is dispensed over surfaces and touch points.

Within the electrostatic spray a specialised chemical solution is positively charged through a combination or air and positive electrodes. This solution contains chemicals known to be effective in the disinfection and sanitisation. When the positive solution leaves the spray, it is immediately attracted to the negative charge on the surfaces and objects. This means the solution can reach all parts of an area, including the hard-to-reach places. It is also this charge that plays a key part in allowing a protective barrier to form.

Visit our blog for further explanation.

3) What are the benefits of electrostatic sanitisation?

Benefits include:

1) It is an effective infectant control

2) It can be used in different locations and surfaces

3) Areas sprayed are fit for purpose 15 minutes after spraying

4) It is quick and easy compared to traditional methods

5) The sprayer is easy to prepare for and non-intrusive

6) You are guaranteed a professional standard of cleaning

7) Creates a safe and productive work environment

Electrostatic sprayer Covid-19

4) What are the benefits of continuous use?

Electrostatic cleaning kills germs, bacteria, and viruses from surfaces and the effects last a long time. However, it is not a permanent solution. After a while, its barriers will break down and it will no longer stop covered surfaces from becoming infected.

By continuously using electrostatic cleaning you are ensuring that you are protecting your surfaces and touch points from harmful germs. You are reapplying the effective barrier to prevent infection.

At WINNS we recommend waiting around 1 month between cleans. We also offer a discounted price for any long-term bookings.

5) How much do electrostatic services cost?

Electrostatic cleaning prices differ depending on the location, type of building, size of the space, type of equipment and number of objects. This unfortunately makes it difficult to give an estimate on how much it will cost.

To give you an idea of prices companies may employ similar rates to WINNS Services. The minimum charge including call-out, specialist equipment, chemicals and labour is £550. This is cost based on premises with an area of up to 2,500 square feet. It is then an additional cost for an area larger than this charged at 18p per square foot.

6) Where can electrostatic cleaning be used?

It is a very versatile and non-intrusive cleaning method which means it can be used almost anywhere. It is safe to use in offices, schools, medical facilities, commercial kitchens, and many other facilities.

The non-intrusive and non-harmful nature of the spray also allow it to be used on different objects and surfaces. These include electrical equipment and kitchen machinery.

Electrostatic sprayer

7) How does it take for the electrostatic spray to work?

The Electrostatic spray is an extremely fast form of cleaning. It in fact starts to work as soon as it touches a surface. The areas sprayed are then fit for purpose only 15 minutes after spraying.

8) Is it safe?

Yes, electrostatic cleaning is safe for the cleaners performing the service and for the people in the surrounding area during and after the cleaning has finished. Masks and PPE are not required.

The chemicals and solutions used are safe just 15 minutes after the spray has been completed.

9) What do you have to do to prepare?

An electrostatic sanitation service is non-intrusive and amazingly easy to prepare for. Unlike fogging, which is a similar, well known cleaning method, you do not have to switch off critical systems within your building. It can also be applied in a normally ventilated system.

This means that all you need to do when preparing is tidying the general area and removing anything that does not need to be sprayed. In an office this may include tidying your desk and removing excess paper from the work top.

You will however have to tidy up areas removing access paper or objects that do not need to be cleaned.


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Written by WINNS Services