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Give Your Windows Some TLC This Christmas!

Well, the British weather really has lived up to its reputation over the past month, hasn't it? Our poor exteriors have definitely taken quite a beating. One element in particular which takes the brunt of the weather is our windows! Make sure to get your windows ready for Christmas and the questionable weather that comes with it.

With the surge of wind, rain and cold- this is a recipe for spreading dirt and streaks around our windows, which is not a look best aimed for. It is a common misconception that rain aids in the cleaning process, but this isn't actually the case. Rain works by spreading the dirt further around the windows, as well as making them susceptible to having the rain water from the infrastructure above them poured down upon them also. If you are in need of window cleaning in light of the weather's activities over the past few months, take a look at what may help your business most:


Fixed and Mobile Cradle Access

A fixed and mobile cradle access is specifically for large buildings where the exterior is mostly built up with windows; for example, office high rises in London. These are not for the faint hearted or the inexperienced. It also allows for more than one person to work in the same area at one time making the process faster.



Abseiling is again for the most experienced of window cleaners and perhaps a certain personality type, someone who loves the adrenaline rush. This method has many safety precautions ensuring the employee is safe whilst at great heights.  


Cherry Picker Facility

Using a cherry picker facility is also used for high rise building and are used when abseiling anchor bolts cannot be fitted. Whilst still up at great heights, this option does provide a stable platform.


Scissors Platform

Also offering a walking platform is the scissor platform for window cleaners. To reach the windows on tall buildings whilst easy to manoeuvre around the building itself.



A harness is an essential piece of equipment for any window cleaner, but especially the abseiling specialists. This keeps them safely attached to the wires that stop them from falling.


Varied Ladder Systems

The varied ladder system is generally for the lower windows that are spaced further apart. This is the most traditional method of window cleaning.


‘Reach & Wash’ Hydropure* Water System

A ‘reach and wash’ Hydropure water system can reach great heights, but is also for either sections of windows or individual, spaced out windows. This is because it wouldn’t be considered efficient enough for largely windowed surface areas of an office high rise. This is the only method where the operatives work safely from the ground.

WINNS Services has been operating for over two decades and we pride ourselves on exceeding client expectations. If your windows are in need of a clean, please call us for a quote on 01702 719100 or email us on info@winnsservices.co.uk 


Written by WINNS Services