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How Alarm Activations Can Aid Your Business’ Security Strategy

You may have a refined security strategy, but does that include alarm activations? There are many benefits to having an alarm, especially within the commercial sector. We have previously spoken about what alarm activation services are, this blog tells you the benefits and why you should install an alarm into your property… today.

Peace of mind for staff

Alarm activations are particularly useful for businesses who often have workers staying late or overnight, this is when people are most vulnerable to criminals taking advantage of the lack of people. By having an active alarm you will give your staff peace of mind that if anything out of the ordinary was to occur, an alarm would be activated. Often the sound of the alarm will instantly cause criminals to flee, but as a further measure of precaution a trained professional will quickly attend the building and perform a full search.

Cheaper insurance premiums

When taking out property insurance it is best practice to declare all security measures currently in place. One that they appreciate greatly is an active alarm with a response team. As a result, they will often decrease insurance premiums as they know the property is being properly protected and the risk of burglary is low.

No risk to your own safety

It can be daunting to enter a property where an alarm has been activated, especially when you do not have security training or experience. Therefore, with alarm activation services a trained professional will attend on your behalf and carry out of a full check and search of the building. They will be looking out for any damage, theft or criminal activity whilst keeping you updated throughout. They will be able to react accordingly ensuring little to no damage is caused.

Professional building check

Often the alarm itself will deter and cause criminals to flee, but sometimes they take the risk and continue entering the building. They can utilise their surroundings to try and go undetected, then complete the burglary. If untrained, it can be easy to forget or not properly check areas of the building, therefore having a professional security officer search the building they will be more efficient and trustworthy that all damage, theft or criminal activity is accounted for.

Know your property is properly protected

As well as your staff having peace of mind, you can provide yourself with peace of mind that if anything were to occur trained security officers will respond to the highest standard and ensure the building is as safe as possible. You will not always be available to attend an activated alarm, let professionals do the hard work for you.

Combined with other security methods such as CCTV, concierge, mobile patrols and keyholding your property will reach its optimum level of safety. WINNS Services has been established for over two decades providing security services to clients. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and working with clients to offer the best solution to their queries. If you are wondering whether you would benefit from our Alarm Activation Services, call us on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk


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Written by WINNS Services