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How Can My Business Reduce Operational Costs? 

The question that is on every business owner's lips "How can my business reduce operational costs?". You've parted with the capital costs, and have had everything set up fit for purpose. So how do you make sure you make the most of the capital costs spent? It can often seem like the list of outgoings outweighs the list of incomings. However there is one way that your business can help to reduce its costs; and that's by extending the lifetime value of existing infrastructure. This may seem easier said than done, however below we list 3 key cleaning tasks  that helps to make your business' elements last that little bit longer, saving costs on refurbishments and replacements which of course helps to reduce your operational costs, and have made your capital costs last much longer also. 

Floor Maintenance

You've laid the carpets and laminate flooring and all of your business' infrastructure has been installed, whether that be desks and computers, machines and equipment or stock and tills, to name a few. It would be an ideal world if this could be completed and never have to be worried about again. Unfortunately however it is building floors that receive the most contact and wear and tear, it's unavoidable and will be in constant use by employees, visitors and customers. This will of course, in time, cause the flooring to start showing signs of being used often. Dirt and dust, rips and tears, scuffs and marks, rips and cracks will always find their way eventually. 

How it reduces your operational costs:

Having a cleaning company can help to reduce the operational costs as this will extend the floor's lifetime value, allowing it to be longer before having to make any replacements. Regular or periodic carpet and floor cleaning keeps everything fresh and clean, and doesn't allow the wear and tear to take such a strong hold.  Experienced professionals know exactly how to work with flooring materials to ensure that they are kept well maintained. 

Deep cleaning 

Deep cleaning is most useful when used in industrial and kitchen environments, where machinery and heavy machinery are required. Deep Cleaning is key in order to ensure that any equipment within your premises is clean and will work efficiently, ridding it of any dust and grime.

How it reduces your operational costs: 

Deep cleaning of equipment and machinery improves lifetime value as it avoids anything breaking due to a build up of dust and dirt. This build up of particles is one of the common cause of fire hazards. Therefore not only does deep cleaning save you money on repair costs, it also saves your business having to pay to cover the costs of any fires that occur as a result of poor cleaning and hygiene within the workplace.Tthus making the assets you have invested in working more effectively and efficiently for longer. 

Upholstery Cleaning 

Very much like carpets and flooring, the upholstery of your business will also face a lot of extensive use. No one likes the look of marked and run down furniture, as it can have an impact on how your company is perceived by not only your employees but also clients and customers that visit your business. 

How it reduces your operational costs:

Upholstery cleaning prolongs the effects of dust and grime on the furniture your company relies on. By reducing the damaging effects this can have on your upholstery through cleaning, it means that you are able to extend the lifetime value of the furniture, avoiding your business having to pay to replace the items within a shorter time period. 


Regular cleaning of your property allows your business to benefit from increased lifetime value of your assets, which of course reduces operational costs of having  to replace flooring, equipment and furniture for example which are high cost items, by investing in maintenance instead. This of course has a cost associated with it also, but it will be a fraction of what the alternative would be. 

WINNS services provide a high standard of cleaning by professionals as we understand you can’t do it all yourself. We work for many companies doing daily cleans, periodic cleans, deep cleans, clinical cleans and window washing. So no need to feel overwhelmed as we are here to help. Our company has been established for over two decades and pride ourselves on exceeding expectations. For more information about WINNS services or to book our services please contact us on 01702 719100.

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Written by WINNS Services