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How often should you clean windows for your business?

Window cleaning is often a service required by most, but how often should you clean windows for your business? If you unsure about how often you need to clean your windows for your commercial property read our informational blog to give you guidelines on what to follow.

Firstly, what is window cleaning? Window cleaning is the cleaning and maintenance of your windows using techniques to remove dirt and grime. Commercial window cleaning, also referred to as high cleaning, is a professional cleaning service provided for commercial properties.


Why should you clean your windows?

  • It creates a great first impression to potential clients visiting your building and maintains a clean and aesthetic environment for your employees.
  • Professional window cleaning helps protect your windows also, removing the dirt and debris which can make its way into the glass, creating marks and scratches.


How often should you clean windows?

When working out how often you should clean your windows there are two important elements to consider:

  • The factors affecting your building.
  • The type of industry you operate in.



Factors affecting your business

It is important to consider the factors that may directly affect your building, having a knock-on effect on the need for you to clean your windows.

Type of business

The type of business you are operating is important as different businesses will have a different level of needing to keep their premises clean. If we take a business within retail. This is likely to have a lot of daily visitors. A high number of visitors may cause the premises to get dirty quicker. Retail businesses also need to keep the appearance of their business looking clean and professional to ensure the customers have a nice experience.

Location of the office

Some locations will cause a building to become dirty at quick rate than others. Some examples of this include:

  • If it is on a street with a busy road
  • If your building is surrounded by dirt fields
  • If it is near trees that host wildlife

If your building is in a busy area or surrounded by nature you may be required to clean your windows more often than if it was not.

Amount of visitors

If you have a business that has a lot of foot traffic and visitors to the premises it is likely that your windows will become dirty at a quicker rate. High traffic areas such as lobby’s and windows near public walkways will often get finger marks and other grease and dirt cause by human contact. 

crowd of people


The seasons of the year play an important factor in keeping your windows clean. In the winter months where the weather tends to be rainier dirt is much more likely to build up on your windows. This is as water carries dirt and stains windows when it dries.

If you are in an area where it is constantly raining you may need to consider a more frequent cleaning schedule.


Considering your buildings structure is important as although architectural designs will help draw attention to your business, features of the building can cause dirt and debris to collect.

Inset windows are an excellent example of this happening.


The type of industry you operate in

The type of industry your business operates in will have a direct effect on how often you should clean your windows. This is because certain customer bases will have a higher expectation of visiting a clean professional looking environment. Here are some examples:

Office Buildings

Office building typically do not need a lot of cleaning each year, a clean twice a year is usually sufficient.

It is however important to watch high traffic areas which are visible to visitors. This includes lobby’s and bottom floor windows. Clean windows inspire trust and give the impression a business is doing well. Windows such as these are recommended to be cleaned once monthly.

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are expected to portray a level of cleanliness and hygiene due to the nature of their work. This will install confidence on the patient visiting. If you are a private practice this is even more important.

Depending on external factors contributing to the windows it is recommended that windows are cleaned bi-monthly or monthly.

High rise window cleaning

Retail stores

Once a month is enough to clean office windows for retail stores and other similar business experiencing lots of foot traffic. It is important to keep a positive image for your customers in relation to competitors within your industry.


Having clean windows and a clean premise is essential for the success of a restaurant. When dinners are visiting it is vital that the premises represent cleanliness and hygiene. This will create the best eating experience possible.

To keep this image, it is recommended that restaurants clean their windows, inside and out, twice a month. Fingerprinted, dirty, and grimy windows will drive your customers away.


So, how often should you clean windows for your business?

When considering how often to clean your windows it is important to consider you customer base and put your self in their shoes. How clean would you expect the premises to be?

Creating a clean environment, that competes with the standard of your industry and direct competitors will give your business the best can of succeed in a difficult market.


Do you need your windows cleaned? Why not choose WINNS…

  • We use the latest innovations on the market which includes the reach and wash pole method using truck mounted water distilling systems.
  • Where this isn’t possible or to enhance this service, we have experienced and trained operatives that are trained on operating access platforms, cherry pickers and cradles.
  • We also can provide rope access service for awkward places and highly trained abseiling operatives.

Visit our service page for additional information. You can also contact us to speak with an expert.


Written by WINNS Services