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How To Effectively Clean After The Office Christmas Party

The fun and laughter has officially ended… it is time to start planning Christmas 2019! Just kidding. Firstly, you will need to tackle the aftermath from this year’s party. This blog outlines everything you need to do to effectively clean after the office Christmas party.



It is time to stow the tree, decorations and lights for another 365 days until the festivities return. In addition to the parts you will keep for next year, there will be multiple one-time use items that will need to be discarded of accordingly such as cups, plates, napkins, food and drink etc. Remember to make sure to recycle anything that can be and reuse whenever available. By tackling the party bits and bobs, you will create a clear space to then clean thoroughly.

Disinfect all surfaces

Now the areas are clear, you can implement an intense cleaning schedule to ensure the office is brought back to efficient levels of cleanliness and sense of professionalism. A standard clean will not suffice, you will need to use disinfecting cleaning products to ensure all germs and bacteria are removed. Due to there being a variety of people, a variety of germs would have been deposited within the office, therefore, ensure anyone who visits the office after the party is not left contaminated.

Clean bathrooms

As well as the office itself, the bathrooms will also need a thorough clean to ensure all germs and bacteria are removed and the toilets become safe to use. They will visually need a spruce up as well as require a deep clean of ALL surfaces. Items to clean include:

  • Light fixtures
  • Vent fans
  • Sink taps
  • Sinks
  • Hand dryer
  • Soap dispenser
  • Countertops
  • Walls
  • Toilet and urinals
  • Floor
  • Fixtures
  • Drain caps
  • Handles & knobs
  • Mirrors

Empty bins

Now the office is clear and clean, ensure you empty the bins so that they are not an eyesore and produce an odour into the office. Also, by having a bin filled with waste for long periods of time they become a breeding ground for aggressive germs. Some of those germs could become a risk to staff if not properly disposed of and washed, therefore ensure you are thorough with your post-party cleanup schedule.

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Written by WINNS Services