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How To Ensure Your Christmas Party Is Safe For Your Guests

The festive season is a time of joy, fun and excitement- especially the office Christmas party. You have started the planning and are counting down the days, but have you considered perhaps the most important part? Security. It is essential that any occasion where large numbers of people come together, there are security measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety. As the party host, it is your responsibility to maintain a high level of protection throughout the night.
Guest list

Regardless if it is office staff only, office staff + partners or an office staff + clients party, all will need a guest list to ensure no one enters without permission. In preparation for the event, have a guest list drawn up of attendees and have someone standing front of house controlling the flow of guests. Perhaps have a friendly face from the office completing this task, but always have a trained security professional on hand to mitigate any emergency situation if they were to occur.

Security officers - deterrent and mitigator

By having clear security officers on hand at the event, they will work as a deterrent as well as a mitigator for emergency situations. With any party atmosphere, there is a possibility for circumstances to occur that require a professional. With your guests' safety at risk, you should always ensure appropriate reactive measures are in place to minimise damage.

Combination of static and patrolling guards

With guards being present, it can provide a sense of protection for any attendees to the party, therefore they can relax and enjoy the festivities knowing professionals are on hand if anything were to occur. By having a combination of static and patrolling guards it leaves little room for troublemakers to ruin the party. With security officers being clearly present, most would avoid causing trouble, therefore, the likelihood of problems decrease.

Trained professionals

It would be ill practice to have someone untrained to be a security presence for your Christmas party. This not only endangers guests, but it also endangers their own safety as they could not respond appropriately to an emergency.

Advice, strategy and plans

If unsure on how to properly plan security for a business event, you can always speak to a professional security company. We will be more than happy to advise on appropriate techniques specifically for your needs, desires and requirements.

WINNS Services has been established for over two decades providing expert security services to clients. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and working collaboratively with clients to offer the best solution to their queries. If you are wondering whether you would benefit from our Stewarding Security Services, call us on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk


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Written by WINNS Services