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How To Get Your Office Ready For The First Day Back At Work For 2019

As Christmas approaches, so does the new year! Make sure you start 2019 right by having all preparations in place for a smooth transition back to work. The cleanliness and tidiness of your office will directly correlate with productivity, therefore allow your employees to settle back into the working day by ensuring your cleaning schedule is thorough.


Step 1 - Intense clean kitchen

Most businesses shut for a period of time over the holidays, therefore make sure to intensely clean the office kitchen in order to bring it back to a high standard of cleanliness. Over time dust forms and germs develop, make sure to use the correct cleaning agents to tackle this so that employees can return to work and use the facilities comfortably. The kitchen clean includes washing bins, fridges, microwaves and kettles. Although all surfaces may be clean, appliances can harbour just as many germs!

Step 2 - Disinfect washrooms

Ensure all toilet facilities are properly disinfected so that staff can return to work without hassle or discomfort. There is no way to rid germs 100%, therefore between the last time the washrooms were cleaned to the day before staff return to work, bacteria could severely multiply. Make sure to follow a disinfecting and intense cleaning best practice to ensure contamination is brought to a minimum.

Step 3 - Clean all windows

Windows harbour some of the worst bacteria within the office as well as physical dirt and grime. Throughout the day this will transfer to other parts of the groom, contaminating the area even though your cleaner has just cleaned it. With the risk of infecting your staff members, ensure every aspect is covered within the cleaning schedule.

Step 4 - Sanitise desks + working areas

Your employee’s desks will require a wipe down to remove all dust and germs that have developed over the break. Ensure the desk’s contents is also cleaned, e.g. computer monitor, keyboard, mouse, drawers etc to contain the spread of germs.

Step 5 - Tidy outside grounds

The weather may be gloomy, but do not let your building look gloomy also. Make sure to have your surrounding perimeter properly maintained and tidy to ensure the building is looking the best it can. With January being one of the coldest months of the year, pests will be on the hunt for warm areas to hide in. One of the best ways to prevent infestation is to have correct grounds maintenance within the office schedule.

Step 6 - Finally, deep clean the carpet!

Now all the cleaning has taken place, you will need to book for your carpets to have a deep clean to remove all dirt, stubborn stains and questionable odours ready for the new year. A clean carpet (or flooring depending on what you have in your office) will mean the office is officially clean and ready for staff to return to work- the cherry on top of the cleaning cake.

If you want your office ready for 2019, contact us today!

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Written by WINNS Services