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7 Ways To Improve Your Office Bathroom Hygiene and Cleanliness

December 28, 2021 by 07heaven

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, employees having to attend the office, are more conscious about the overall hygiene and cleanliness around the building. This is intensified when they are using the office bathrooms.

With this in mind, we have 7 ways that you can improve your office bathroom hygiene and cleanliness:

1) Make sure your bathrooms look visibly clean.

2) Make sure your bathrooms smell fresh.

3) Provide hand-soap in your bathrooms.

4) Provide hand-drying facilities in your bathrooms.

5) Utilise the newest technologies and equipment for your bathrooms.

6) Keep your bathrooms well stocked.

7) Clean your bathrooms often.

By following these 7 tips, you can create a safe and secure environment for your employees, improving the overall happiness of your workforce. Remember, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.


Office Bathroom Hygiene and Cleanliness


Improve Your Office Bathroom Hygiene and Cleanliness


1) Make sure your bathrooms look visibly clean

By making your bathrooms look visibly clean, you install a confidence in your employees that they are being cleaned regularly. This includes:

  • Emptying bins
  • Keeping sides clear of water
  • Keeping soap dispensers clean
  • Removing any rubbish on the floor
  • Moping any spills and water

Although appearance is not everything, and it is vital that you are disinfecting the space, a clean appearance helps reassure the human mind. Through this reinforcement, your employees will feel more comfortable in your bathrooms.


2) Make sure your bathrooms smell fresh

Bad odours, particularly in bathrooms, are often associated with dirty spaces. By making sure that your bathrooms smell fresh, you instantly give the appearance of a clean and hygienic bathroom.

You can make your bathrooms smell fresh through air fresheners, odour absorbers and urinal deodoriser blocks. You can also clean your bathroom regularly to make sure that there is nothing causing a bad odour.


clean office bathroom


3) Provide hand-soap in your bathrooms

Hand-soap has become an essential in the fight against the Coronavirus. Although it is highly likely that you have been providing hand soap in your office bathrooms, it is now more important than ever.

Depending on what industry you work in, we recommend stocking your bathrooms with the correct hand-soap. This may include certified sanitising soap for the food industry, heavy-duty cleaning soap for the removal of oil and grease and gentle hand soap in public visited offices.

As well as hand-soap, you can also provide hand sanitising stations around your office. This may consist of placing gel hand sanitisers or foam hand sanitisers in high traffic areas.

Check out our blog on how to wash your hands properly.


4) Provide hand-drying facilities in your bathrooms

Wet hands are known to spread the Coronavirus more easily than dry hands, therefore, it is important to provide some sort of hand-drying facilities in your office bathrooms. This should either be an air dyer or disposable towels. Traditional towels, although effective, can hold germs so are not recommended. If you do use traditional towel make sure they are regularly cleaned by a professional laundry service. 


5) Utilise the newest technologies and equipment for your bathrooms

Utilising the newest technologies and equipment will help improve your office bathroom hygiene and cleanliness. In 2021, we recommend deploying as much touchless equipment as possible. By minimising the touch points in your bathrooms, you are reducing the chance of the Coronavirus spreading.

Some touchless technologies include:

  • Auto-open doors
  • Motion-sensor lights
  • Foot pedal taps
  • No-touch taps
  • Automatic toilet flushing


Touchless bathroom equipment


6) Keep your bathrooms well stocked

By keeping your bathrooms well stocked, you are providing your employees with the best chance of staying hygienic. This stock includes:

  • Toilet roll
  • Hand-soap
  • Disposable towels
  • Air fresheners

By making sure that all necessities are in the bathrooms, you will not have the problem of employees not being able to sanitise or clean their hands safely. This will improve the overall hygiene of the people re-entering your office.


7) Clean your bathrooms more often

All the tips above will help improve your office bathroom hygiene and cleanliness, however the best and most effective advice to keep your bathrooms clean, is to increase the cleaning schedule. This may mean cleaning it during the day as well as in the evening once your office is empty.

By cleaning more regularly you will maximise your chance of disinfecting and killing any germs, bacteria, and virus’.

As well as ensuring you are killing the virus, by cleaning on a regular basis, you are also actively showing your employees that you are trying to make the space more hygienic.


If you are in need of cleaning services for your bathrooms visit WINNS Cleaning Services for more information on how we can help. 


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