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KN95 Face Mask: The New Normal For UK Residents

The government have recently announced that the UK will now have to wear face masks when they are in public. In our blog we explore why we need to wear a face covering, and why the KN95 Face Mask is the mask we should buy if we want to maximise the effectiveness in stopping the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Why do I need to wear a face mask?

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become essential to find ways to help slow the spread of this contagious virus. It has been scientifically proven that wearing face coverings does exactly this – slows the spread of the virus.

Why does it stop the spread? Coronavirus is spread through droplets that are sprayed into the air when infected people talk, cough or sneeze. Those droplets can then fall on surfaces or directly infect a person in a close enough range. The World Health Organisation (WHO) says there is also emerging evidence of airborne transmission of the virus, with tiny particles hanging in aerosol form in the air.

It is important and a need for the population to wear face coverings as it can help reduce the spread from people who are contagious to people that have not yet been infected by the virus.

The official World Health Organisation (WHO) advice says, “non-medical face coverings should be worn in public where social distancing is not possible.”

women with face masks

What are the rules regarding wearing a face mask?

Since the announcement from the government that face coverings must be worn in public, it has been slightly unclear exactly what the rules are regarding when you must wear a face mask.

The government have released their official advice on when you must wear a face mask: 

  • Public transport
  • Airports, train stations
  • Shops and supermarkets
  • Shopping centres
  • Post offices, banks, building societies, high-street solicitors, and accountants
  • Salons, barbers, nail salons, massage centres, tattoo, and piercing parlours
  • Premises providing veterinary services
  • Visitor attractions and entertainment venues
  • Libraries and public reading rooms
  • Places of worship
  • Funeral service providers
  • Community centres, youth centres and social clubs
  • Public areas in hotels and hostels

Below is a list of locations where a mask is not essential:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Gyms
  • Dentist
  • Opticians

When you are out in public, the government have advised that the enforcement of the laws surrounding wearing face masks will be enforced by the police only. Shop owners and workers are not needed to enforce the rules. If you are caught by police you can be fined between £100 to £3,200. Shoppers can however be turned away at tills if they are not wearing a mask. You can also be turned away from services like lawyers, hairdressers, banks, and beauty technicians.

children with face coverings

What is the best type of face mask to wear?

Sky News have recently produced an excellent article detailing the best type of face mask that you can buy to minimise the chance of spreading the Coronavirus.

Scientists have tested 14 different types of face-covering and ranked them in order of effectiveness:

  1. N95 mask, no exhalation valve, fitted (14)
  2. Surgical mask (1)
  3. Cotton-polypropylene-cotton mask (5)
  4. Two-layer polypropylene apron mask (4)
  5. Two-layer cotton, pleated style mask (13)
  6. Two-layer cotton, pleated style mask (7)
  7. N95 mask with exhalation valve (2)
  8. Two-layer cotton, Olston style mask (8)
  9. One-layer Maxima AT mask (6)
  10. One-layer cotton, pleated style mask (10)
  11. Two-layer cotton, pleated style mask (9)
  12. Knitted mask (3)
  13. Bandana (12)
  14. Gaiter type neck fleece (11)

It is important to wear a mask that is as effective at stopping the spread of the Coronavirus as it can be. With this in mind, the N95 mask or a surgical mask are the best options on the market at the moment. The article also reveals that the gaiter type neck fleece can in fact increase the possibility of the virus spreading.

You can read the full story here.

KN95 mask

Why you should buy an KN95 mask?

You may be thinking KN95, is that a typo? Luckily it is not. We recommend buying the best possible mask that is available to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Anything that you can do to help the UK population is essential.

The N95, as proved by the scientists, is currently the best mask to combat the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the N95 is an American made mask that is difficult to source and can be expensive to purchase. So what alternatives can you go for and still be confident that you are not spreading the virus and buying the best mask available?

The KN95 is your best option. It is a remarkably similar mask, created by China, as opposed to the American issued N95.

KN95 Mask standing

The KN95 is tight-fitting to your face covering your mouth and nose. 

KN95 face Mask Flat

The KN95 and the N95 both have the same filtration performance for virus’ and bacteria particles coming in at 95%. The KN95 differs as the Chinese standard has a required “fit test” to ensure it fits and performs in the way it should be. It is also being sold at a fraction of the price.

You can check out a full comparison here.

If you are interested in purchasing KN95 masks, please get in contact with the Sales Team at WINNS.


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Written by 07heaven