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Meaning: devoted to a task or purpose

Synonym: a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language

At the moment WINNS are updating their website and, after 30 years in business, it is hard to come up with a new angle on demonstrating our company, it’s ethos and its people in written form. 

Basically, we clean, secure and maintain. But we believe that we do this with aplomb and in no small measure to the individuals who make up the company. 



As a different approach, Karen, our Business Development Manager, decided that instead of providing a formal bio for each member of the Head Office team, she would get everyone to write about each other and set the following three categories:

  1. What is the person like?
  2. What are they like in their job?
  3. What do they bring to WINNS?

Although this exercise was initiated in an attempt to bring the human side of WINNS to the fore, it soon became clear that this was also a very uplifting experience for all. 

In our busy work lives, we don’t often stop to tell the people we work with how we value them. 

As part of our monday morning, weekly head office meeting, we have a section for praise where, if we have received positive feedback from clients or staff in the field, this is mentioned and recorded in the minutes, e.g.

"What do you want in a manager? Someone who listens to what you are asking, then acts to help you.
Someone who is there to sort out any problems, always available to make the difficult things easy.
Someone who I am happy to call a friend and the best manager I have ever had the pleasure to work with.
That person is MY manager Rachael!" - Lynne Hilder



We also have a monthly staff email which includes a section where we can pass on praise received from our colleagues in the field, e.g.

Rachael has received an email from one of our clients, IFA prosure, praising Alice Massamba;' "We are still very pleased with Alice and all her hard work".

But I digress, the title of this blog is DEDICATED - IS THERE ANOTHER WORD? Here was the dilemma, when we asked staff for their feedback and contribution, we were determined to not alter their contribution in any way. This being so, raised the problem for quotes for the website. 

Suffice to say it would be easier and quicker for us to say our team are dedicated as individuals, dedicated in their roles and dedicated to WINNS 😂

As we are seeking to expand our Head Office workforce in respect of a Sales Manager, we then got to wondering, what makes a person dedicated? Is it a nature vs nurture debate? What came first, the chicken or the egg?

In other words, were we successful in employing a workforce that came to us already pre disposed to be dedicated, or did we, like Frankenstein, create them?

According to Inga Stasiulionyte, an Olympian athlete and javelin thrower who competed at the at the Beijing Olympics: 

To become a dedicated person you must?

  1. Set big goals
  2. Set clear goals
  3. Know that every day matters
  4. Don't argue with the plan
  5. Build a no-matter-what mindset
  6. Plan a routine
  7. Commit
  8. Understand the transformation process
  9. Go above feelings
  10. Resist the brain
  11. Find pleasure in the hard work

For the full feature, follow this link: https://www.success.com/7-ways-to-develop-daily-discipline/

These attributes can definitely be ticked off for every member of the Head Office Team, but what about WINNS as a Company? How does a company foster a dedicated workforce?

According to Colonial Life, employer resource centre, to build an engaged workforce you need to:

  1. Grow relationships
  2. Keep your promises
  3. Express gratitude
  4. Provide feedback
  5. Give necessary training
  6. Put everyone in the right role
  7. Create a welcoming work environment
  8. Practice transparency
  9. Give work purpose

For more a detailed response, please follow the link: https://www.coloniallife.com/employer-resource-center/2018/june/9-powerfully-simple-ways-to-build-an-engaged-workforce

Of the executive team, Rachael, Operations Manager, states:

“I find everyone at this level approachable. It's been a long time since I have felt genuinely appreciated for the work I carry out. This has made my time at WINNS enjoyable. My ideas and opinions are listened to and I am made to feel like I make a difference and that I play an important role within the business”.

So, whilst at the end of the day, even though Karen will have to ask people to use a thesaurus and choose an alternative word for dedicated, it’s reassuring for our staff in the field to know that they are being led by a ‘dedicated team’ and for our clients to know that they have a ‘dedicated team’ looking after and monitoring their service delivery. 


Written by WINNS Services