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May 26, 2022 by WINNS Services



Contracting out your cleaning for the first time, or being new to the post that requires you to contract out cleaning, can be quite daunting.

Recognising how intimidating this process can be and how easy it is for us professionals to forget that this is not a daily occurrence for new clients, we have put together an outline of all the actions and their normal order of occurrence that occur before the actual start date of a contract.


  • Meet with WINNS to co-create Mobilation Plan
  • Meet with WINNS. Provide copies of keys if applicable and fire, H & S policies, etc.
  • Advise colleagues who they awarded the contract to
  • Start Contract
  • Attend First Client Meeting

  • On receipt of purchase order, hold new contract start-up meeting with all relevant people
  • Send out a welcome email to client with key personnel contact details
  • Issue contract to client
  • Arrange to meet client on site for Risk Assessment and to finalise paperwork
  • Advise of additional services
  • Create Mobilsation Plan
  • Agree KPIs and SLAs
  • Arrange TUPE meeting with staff
  • Explain QR code with Company Policies, etc.
  • Prepare to meet client on-site to conduct a Risk Assessment and to obtain details of clients relevant policies & procedures
  • Identify any needs the client may have that they didn't realise
  • Attend Introduction to Company if requested
  • Conduct Induction Training
  • WINNS contact on site
  • review and advise of any additional services
  • Sales/ Operations Director/ Account Manager to attend depending on circumstances


In addition, we have put together a list of all the behind the scenes actions that are necessary to ensure that the start up or transfer of your cleaning provision runs as smoothly as possible.  At WINNS we believe that everything runs so much easier and smoother for all if everyone is clear on what needs to be done, who needs to do it, when they need to do it and why.  The most important behind the scenes task is the New Contract Meeting where the lead is agreed and dates decided.


  • Check all previous Actions on blueprint have been completed
  • Update Hubspot to PO recieved
  • Order uniforms
  • Start TUPE Process
  • Draft Work Schedules
  • Order Equipment
  • Prepare 1st Invoice for agreement
  • Conduct Risk Assessment
  • Order chemicals
  • Issue H & S details
  • Get COSHH details
  • Issue SSOW
  • Issue work instructions
  • Set up shifts on PARIM
  • ID Badges created
  • Start TUPE Proceedings
  • Check employee contracts for terms and conditions
  • Recruitment drive
  • Have TUPE booklets prepared
  • Hand out uniforms
  • Induction Training conducted
  • ID badges handed out
  • Chemicals and equipment delivered


Of course, no two start ups are the same, especially if, like WINNS, you are in receipt of a bespoke service.  However, please make sure that your new contractor has a map of their actions that they can share with you to ensure that nothing gets overlooked.


WINNS have adopted blueprinting as their preferred method of mapping service provision.  This is a very visual map that allows everyone to easily see what should be happening in an ideal world.  It also allows us to identify the potential fail points within our control and for us to plan for potential fail points outside of our control.  WINNS adopts this method for all processes at Head Office and it has meant that ‘assumptions’ of actions are a thing of the past.

For more information on contract start ups or for information on blueprinting activities, please contact Ryan Stillwell on 07102 713100.



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