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May 19, 2022 by WINNS Services


The WINNS project team has been running up and down the country from Newcastle in the North to Watford in the South Crewe in the West and Doncaster in the East and Leeds, Sheffield, Nuneaton and Nottingham and Northampton to mention a few locations.


CRSA Refurbishment Program

The CRSA refurbishment program has started to kick in, our partnership with CRSA is to supply the following:

  • Site Access Control (Only accredited staff on site) 
  • Site and Equipment security (Protection from Theft and Vandalism including K9 units)
  • Welfare building and areas cleaning (Cleaning and Sanitisation)
  • Minibuses shuttle service from the Welfare area to the work area (Supplying emergency cover for accidents)

Most of the work happens over the weekend from Friday night to Monday morning and the service is tailored to suit each site’s needs.

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 13.39.34

K9 Units

With the uplift in vandalism, theft and squatting we have been tasked by two of our clients to protect vulnerable areas under their control:

WINNS have been supplying K9 units (Dog handlers) to both factory units and Building sites as follows:

  • WINNS have been supplying K9 Units to protect a factory unit and its stores area from theft and vandalism, we have supplied two K9 units and the thefts have stopped and we have had no incidents of vandalism.
  • The second client required us to protect a finished building project that had moved into its marketing and sale phase, the project had several attempts from squatters and some vandalism to the buildings again we introduced a K9 Unit and the site has been quiet with no vandalism or squatting on site. 

Screenshot 2022-05-19 at 13.35.38

Supplying Security To Protect Your Staff

One of our regular clients who help people with Mental Health issues or are rehabilitating back into society, we have been asked to supply security to protect the staff on duty at two locations to help deal with an escalation of threats to staff.  

Covid has not gone away and WINNS are still supporting Tedding Hospital with security and parking attendances at pop up covid vaccination centres.


If you would like more information on K9 Units or any of the specialised cleans/security we provide, please do not hesitate to contact Ryan Stillwell, on 01702 713100 or look at our website; www.winnsservices.co.uk 




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