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Recycling in the Workplace 

April 5, 2018 by WINNS Services

It is important to get your recycling sorted at work as well as at home. This can help your employees to see how to recycle and continue this at home, and recycling in the workplace. 

Recycling has been around for years now, yet we still seem to be uncertain about what can be recycled and what can’t. This could end up being a problem for your company because this will become a must, by law.


To begin this process you must start by informing and educating your employees. Explaining to them the changes your company will be making going forward and what they will need to do to help this process. Also explain the reasons behind why you are doing this, what benefits it will have on the company, the employees, as well as the environment.


This could then be followed up with ways to encourage your employees to help recycle work waste. Your encouragement could come in many forms from telling your employees how well they are doing, to a reward system. Your reward system could be someone getting employee of the week, month, or have prizes to reward them.

Recycling System

Next you will need to accurately put a system in place for this recycling such as recycling bins. You may need several bins dotted around the office. This will help create convenience to your staff making it more likely to work. This will also be necessary for different types of waste such as bottles, cans and paper.

This is where the education part gets put in to play. Hopefully your employees listened and took note of the things that could and couldn't be recycled. If not this website can help them if they need something to refer to something. Or a work email with listed items would be a good idea too.

The benefits of recycling can be great for your company. For example, lower waste cost, saving on new purchases, grant opportunities, happier employees, improved image and environmentally benefits. Any one of these will help your company be more efficient as well as save money.

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