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What is Rope Access Window Cleaning? - Everything you need to know

December 23, 2021 by 07heaven

Rope access window cleaning, also referred to as abseil window cleaning, is a method of cleaning windows. It is used to reach the highest windows on a building. This involves the use of rope and other specialist equipment not used in other methods of window cleaning.


How does Rope Access Window Cleaning work?

It is a simple method requiring a small amount of set up, a minimal amount of equipment, but a very-high level of safety. Trained professionals will carry out the cleaning and get the job done without harm or disruption.

The technicians anchor themselves securely to the roof of the building before abseiling down the side and cleaning each window as they pass. The cleaner is secured by harness and rope allowing them to move freely across the side of the building as needed.

rope access cleaning


What Training and Experience is Needed to Perform Rope Access Window Cleaning?

Rope access window cleaning has its standards set by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) which operates a formal training and certification scheme. This ensures that anyone performing the window cleaning services can do so safely.

The IRATA have three levels of qualification. Level One enables a rope access technician to undertake a range of specified rope access tasks that are supervised by a person with a Level Three qualification. Level Two is an advanced qualification that includes more complex rope access skills along with advanced rescue techniques. Level Three qualifies a person to take full responsibility for the safety of a rope access operation. It builds on the other levels and includes advanced rigging and rescue techniques and first aid training.

When assembling a team, best practice includes selecting multiple cleaners who are at different stages of the IRATA qualifications. This gives you a balance of experience, with at least one senior member.


What Buildings Need to be Cleaned Using Rope Access?

A wide range of buildings are cleaned using rope access. These include:

  • High office blocks
  • City skyscrapers
  • Factories and other commercial buildings
  • Apartment blocks
  • Shopping centres and atriums
  • Historical buildings and church towers
  • University buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

Is Rope Access Window Cleaning Safe?

Whilst rope access window cleaning is used to clean the highest, hardest to reach windows of a building, it is an incredibly safe and reliable method of cleaning windows. This is due to the specialist equipment and methods used during the cleaning, which has been developed over decades of practical experience. Compared to other methods of cleaning high rise windows, it is unrivalled.

Rope access window cleaning team


Why Keeping Your Windows Clean is Important?

It may not seem as important to clean the highest windows on your building as it does to clean the ones visible to visitors and passers-by, however, keeping these windows clean has equal importance.

Regular cleaning of your windows contributes to their maintenance and ensures they operate as expected for as long as possible. Replacing ineffective windows can become expensive. Using rope access will help improve their life span and keep the interior of your building warm.

Without regular cleaning, dirt, grim and debris is likely to build up around the window. If you have a ledge beneath the window, this is even more likely. During bad weather, this dirt and debris can become loose, becoming a hazard for pedestrians near your building. Regular cleaning helps eliminate this risk.

Lastly, it is important to clean your windows, even the highest floors, as it is scientifically proven that dirty windows affect the performance of the staff in the building. Studies have shown that dirty windows have a direct effect on workers’ mood. Many scientists speak about the consequences of dirty windows and light deprivation during the workday.


What are the Benefits of Rope Access Window Cleaning?

We have listed the key benefits that rope access cleaning can bring to your company:

  • Rope access window cleaning enables the cleaning of windows that are simply unreachable when using ladders, suspended platforms, and scaffolding.
  • You are using a method that has a proven track record of being much safer that other forms of window cleaning for windows at that height.
  • It takes up zero space at ground level,
  • Abseil access cleaning is fast, cost-effective, and causes no disruption to workers inside the building.
  • Provides an unobtrusive and environmentally friendly solution.
  • Equipment used is installed and uninstalled rapidly, minimising disruption.


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