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SIA Triennial Review: Update To The Most Recent Review From The Security Industry Authority

July 2, 2018 by WINNS Services

We have previously discussed what the SIA accreditation is, and why the SIA ACS accreditation is more important than you may think. If you have not read them, check out them out by clicking the links! Now you have all the necessary information about them, we can get stuck into this blog.

The SIA is the organisation in charge of regulating the private security sector. They cover the entire of the UK and report to the Home Secretary under the Private Security Industry Act, 2001. Due to the importance of being SIA accredited, members are given access to the SIA’s review documents- the most recent being in 2016.

In follow up to the reviews, they release a triennial review which explains where they are in accordance to what they outlined in the initial document. There are 5 main points in which they wish to improve on and have provided information on how they have or plan to implement them into their authority. Carry on reading to find out more!

1. Violence reduction- Their first point in the triennial review was to reduce violence, explaining how it has become their top priority. They continue to work with their trusted partners who have the common aim of minimising violence in the UK, especially during the night time economy. One way they have done this so far is introducing workshops on best practices in security, in partnership with emergency services, such as the police, across the country. Other methods include emphasising the importance of safe restraint moves in confrontational situations, credit card size resources for safer physical intervention for door supervisors, and a guide on how to restrain correctly. There have also been specific intelligence-led schemes in the City of London, Chester and Wakefield where SIA staff conduct license checks and check activity levels of areas that are more prone to violent attacks.

2. Public protection- The SIA have focused on areas which are prone to violence, this includes the safeguarding of adults and children. Due to the rise in security threats in most recent years, the role of private security has gained prominence, therefore, need to be checked that their capabilities are working to full potential. They have also been working closely with counter-terrorism law enforcement to implement door supervision, guarding and CCTV systems in areas of risk. They are also discussing ways in which the SIA can be better prepared for terrorist based attacks.

3. Improving standards and to strengthen the Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS)- They have also reviewed the ACS to look at improving standards and how the scheme should be running. When doing this, they acknowledged themes which shape the ACS such as the purpose, the eligibility criteria, promotion of the scheme, raising standards, the compliance with HMRC, public sector contracts and the future ownership of the scheme. They are currently working to consider and achieve all the themes appropriately, once they have been decided they will be implemented in scheduled phases from autumn 2018. 

4. Efficiency- One of the main aims is to produce the best services whilst at a low cost. They have managed to decrease their costs by 27% since December 2010- a huge amount of money that has been saved. They aim to maintain this level of efficiency in order to be cost-effective as well as have reasonable license fees.

5. Risk-based approach- Their risk assessment criteria is made with the public's best interests at heart and allocate resources accordingly depending on the levels of crime in the designated area. They aim to carry on improving their risk-based approach, placing less regulatory burden when standards have been met.

If you are within the industry, or looking to hire a private security company make sure they are SIA accredited! Their approach is with the public's best interests in mind and take an impartial stance on the current violent climate. For more information, make sure to visit their website here!


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