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‘Keep your eyes on the prize and adjust course accordingly’  - Verne Harnish 

Like every company in the world, WINNS have spent the last 18 months rapidly adjusting to the new demands for our industry necessitated by the pandemic, i.e. 

  • The introduction of electrostatic spraying
  • Working from home
  • Needing to travel safely to and from work due to the practical FM Industry we are in
  • Re-training of security personnel to encompass Social Distancing Marshalling

To name but a few.

So having ‘adjusted our course, whilst keeping our ‘eyes on the prize’ WINNS is enlisting all our staff in reflecting on our current practices, both those that we have had for years and those we have introduced in the last 18 months. 

When we say that our staff are our best asset, we mean it. We value their feedback and insight into their view of WINNS and its practices.

The Senior Management Team have been working furiously to ensure that all our practices are the best for our clients and staff alike, so we were relieved to see that 95% of the feedback we received from our staff on what we should stop/keep/start doing had already been discussed are we were able to agree to the requested changes immediately.

Brief Highlights of Feedback Received From Staff:


  • More frequent feedback on their performance outside of formal reviews. (Karen was pleased with this one as it concurs with guidance contained in The New One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson)
  • Senior Management outside of the Operations Team to re-start visiting clients to establish that personal touch expected and associated with WINNS. (WINNS Management Team recognise that there is a danger of senior leaders to become isolated from customers and frontline employees, losing their gut feel for the business and market place)
  • Remembering we are good at what we do so enjoy it.
  • Creating a customer form to replace POs when changes need to be responded immediately in the field.


  • Looking at what we are doing and assess ourselves
  • Promoting professionalism and quality in every task that everybody is performing.
  • Having an open door policy
  • Producing the Company Employee Monthly Newsletter
  • Engaging with staff inclusion
  • Holding Weekly, Monthly Meetings
  • Beer Club on Fridays


‘Can't see any negatives since I have been part of the team’.

It was reassuring to know we weren’t striding upwards and onwards without our staff and we would recommend this task to any company as a way of checking that you were calling it right for your clients and staff alike.



Written by WINNS Services