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Door Supervision

Whether it be for yourself, your business, your property or an event, you never want to feel unsafe. So what can you do to protect yourself and others? Invest in security. Whether it be for the long term or just a one-off, investing in a trusted security service will put any safety worries to rest. There are numerous different types of security options available, so we have created a list of the different security options to help you choose the best option for your needs.
The capital city of London has a large number of skyscraper buildings, but are they using soft FM techniques? The use of soft facilities management methods are often underestimated, but we are here to tell you efficient FM is vital for a business to thrive.
Did you know there are three types of burglaries that commercial buildings are at risk of? You need to be aware of these to ensure your property, its contents and employees are safe. Burglary by definition is the ‘Illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.’ With break-ins happening on average every 40 seconds it is important your building is properly protected to minimise the risk of this happening.
If you want to have a safe and secure property you will need to regularly conduct security audits to ensure your processes are effective. Your security needs will continually change and grow, therefore maintenance and checks are essential. Your audit does not need to be complicated, therefore we have created this example of the types of questions you should ask yourself.
For some businesses, security is important but optional, but for others, it is simply a necessity. Often, pro-activeness with a security plan only occurs once a break-in has occurred, but any responsible corporate business will have appropriate security processes in place to prevent criminals in the first place. Factors such as the nature of the business, property location or ability to be targeted by criminals should be acknowledged and used to create and implement an effective security strategy.
Violence in the workplace has risen to become apart of the top 5 reasons for workplace deaths. It has become alarming that violence in the workplace is as common as it is, clearly it needs to be better controlled by employers and expressed to employees how important it is not to use or receive violence. It is required that businesses regularly conduct a hazard analysis, have security measures in place, enforce company policies and have written programs which protect employees from workplace violence. Here are our 6 top tips for controlling violence in the workplace. Review, or include, your violence prevention/harassment policies regularly (e.g. per quarter or annually). These will be apart of your general health and safety assessments. Encourage employees to report, document and investigate anything which could breach violence prevention rules. Have a workplace assessment and employee questionnaire to identify any gaps or worries which should be included in the violence prevention policy. Review your visitor access protocol as this is often what leads to violence in the workplace. Perhaps investing in a concierge security guard would be best practice for your business as they are able to combine the role of a receptionist and a security guard into one. Review previous incidents to see where the implemented policies went wrong. This could highlight gaps in the current guidelines. Make sure your new employees are fully educated on your violence prevention plan and strategy as everyone should be constantly aware of their duties to creating a safe workplace. Winns Services can provide a Concierge suited to your business and its needs, helping to prevent any unexpected damage to your workplace or employees. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations and working with clients to offer the best solution to their queries. If you have any questions regarding the security services offered at WINNS or would like a quote, don't hesitate to call us on 01702 719100 or email us at info@winnsservices.co.uk
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