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The Importance Of Keeping Your Office Kitchen Clean

Your office kitchen is probably the one area of your office, which is used the most, by the largest amount of people. They always see high amounts of usage, particularly if they contain a coffee machine, kettle, microwave or fridge for people to operate throughout the day.

When you consider how often people in your office use the kitchen, the chances are they are using it on average three times a day to prepare their breakfast, lunch and get themselves a drink. If you have 10 employees, that means your kitchen is being used a minimum of 30 times a day, which is far more frequently than your kitchen at home is being used. In those 30 times, employees are likely to make themselves food, eat food, reheat food, make drinks and sometimes even spill their drinks. This all adds up to mess that needs cleaning on a daily-basis if it is to meet the hygiene standards set for your staff.

Not every company can find time to clean their kitchen and, on occasion, is sometimes shared with another organisation making it even more difficult to stay on top of. However, if it is neglected this can have negative consequences including:

Poor Productivity

A dirty or messy kitchen can discourage employees from eating at work, which can lead to their energy levels dropping. Depending on how much they drop, people are less likely to be as alert to any instructions or new tasks they get given.

Likewise, it has been proven that a clear mind leads to a more focused way of thinking. Should people walk in to find that the office kitchen is unclean and messy, they are likely to start their workday with unnecessary stress or anxiety, making them less productive.

Poor Impressions

Clients and potential investors will leave with a bad impression of your company if they knew they were being offered a drink from an unclean kitchen. As a result, this can have an effect on the amount of income you bring in and longevity of your business.

If your organisation can’t find the time to clean the kitchen, hiring a professional cleaning company to keep on top of things is well worth considering. At WINNS Services, we pride ourselves on listening to the clients needs and working the relevant cleaning solutions into our proposals.

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Written by WINNS Services