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Types Of Burglary Commercial Buildings Are At Risk Of

August 23, 2018 by WINNS Services

Did you know there are three types of burglaries that commercial buildings are at risk of? You need to be aware of these to ensure your property, its contents and employees are safe. Burglary by definition is the ‘Illegal entry of a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft.’ With break-ins happening on average every 40 seconds it is important your building is properly protected to minimise the risk of this happening.

Type 1 - Sophisticated

This is when a criminal uses advances and techniques to overcome security systems. This gives them more time to steal or damage property, or hurt those inside the building. There are a variety of ways someone could do this, one method is using a period of time to watch the day to day runnings of a business and finding areas which can be used to enter the building. Another would be mechanically overriding security systems to go undetected, also insider information could be used to access entry.

The best way to minimise this type of burglary occurring is to constantly update your security process to ensure criminals cannot highlight a pattern to exploit. Regular updates and changes are required, combined with a strategic approach, to not allow anything to come available which criminals could use. For example, regularly changing the times which you have guards patrolling the building or changing the route in which they patrol the property. Another would be having the most up to date security alarm available. The newer the system, the harder it will be to hack and gain entry- any security professional will be able to recommend a suitable application for your business. Insider information is always a risk and can be hard to minimise, therefore only allow individuals company information which is within their role of responsibility or install access control systems which will make it easier to pinpoint who leaked information.

Type 2 - Opportunistic

This is the type of break-in which has no planning and is done spontaneously by utilising lack of security. This may be unlocked doors or windows, areas of vulnerability, lack of judgement from employees etc. They do not usually attempt to override security systems, but simply go in and out as soon as possible. Due to the short amount of time available, they often do not focus on large items but things rather on things they can take and carry easily.

The best way to control this is by ensuring simple security measures are consistently followed to prevent access, for example, checking all doors and windows are locked, checking there is no damage to the building which criminals could use to gain access, ensure all employees are using the building cautiously and ensuring all current processes are working effectively.

Type 3 - Smash and grab

This kind of burglary is where criminals will not use the lack of security to access the building, rather they will force entry. Whether that be smashing windows, breaking doors or using a vehicle to break down gates. Vehicles are also used to make a quick getaway with limited time spent in the building. It is usually the items closest to the entrance of the building which is targeted as they will require the least time to find and remove. The extent of damage means it can be expensive to repair such burglaries and have a high risk of injury to those in the property at the time.

In order to limit this method, actions such as outdoor CCTV with appropriate signs, bollards, steps, street furniture, vehicle access control and mobile patrols could be adopted. The methods mentioned above means criminals may think twice before attempting a smash and grab as they see many obstacles in their way before they can forcibly enter the premises.

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