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Welcome Back!

It was so nice to get back to a little bit of normality and welcome our employees back to the office for our weekly meeting rather than conducting this virtually.  It was also nice to see that we haven't lost the banter amongst us.

image.gifThe safety and wellbeing of our staff is of paramount importance to us, so it was imperative that we took the vital steps necessary in order to re-open the office fully, not only for cleanliness and sanitation standards but also for the mental well being of our staff feeling safe to return to the work environment.  

Every Monday we have our office space and communal areas electrostatically sprayed using zoono, which kills any bacteria lying on surfaces for a period of up to 21 days.  We have provided each individual workspace with hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes.  As part of our daily routine, we encourage our staff to have their temperature recorded upon entering the building and to wash their hands at regular intervals, keeping two meters and taking lateral flow tests weekly to mitigate spreading the virus.

As a company, we were very much aware of the mental health issues that have rocketed since the pandemic hit, which is why we have taken all the steps necessary to make our staff feel safe returning, not only in head office but out on the field too and reassuring them any way we can.

We were so glad to be able to welcome all the Back Office and Ops team to the office. It's been a long time coming and what a day we had to welcome our staff back:) What better way to welcome our Back office and Ops team back to the office with a ‘Murder Mystery’ afternoon and it has to be said our Project Support Manager, Reuben Weekes stole the show in more ways than one! 

It was a brilliant afternoon filled with lots of laughter! It was a great way to ease any tension as we start to phase back into the office. Roll on to the next one!  

Stay safe everyone!  We look forward to what the future brings. 


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Written by WINNS Services