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What are Mobile Patrols: What Advantages do They Offer Your Business?

May 25, 2021 by 07heaven

When you think of security, you traditionally think of an on-site security guard sat on a front desk or patrolling the exterior of an office. However, this type of security may not be practical for all businesses. Luckily, if this is you, there is another option known as mobile patrols. In this blog, we explore the question “what are mobile patrols?” as well as highlighting the advantages they can have on your business. 


What are mobile patrols? 

Mobile patrols are a type of security solution to help deter and prevent criminal activity. They are a tailored yet cost-effective option when a traditional full-time security presence is not practical. 

Mobile patrols differ from traditional security solutions as they eliminate the need to always having an on-site security presence. Instead, you create a tailored service arranging for trained security guards to visit your premises at agreed times during the day/night. This can either follow a regular schedule or be at random times. The trained guards that visit your site should be SIA licensed professionals. This training gives them the ability to effectively visit and inspect your premises. 




What type of mobile patrols are there? 

Mobile patrols can be as extensive as the customers require and follow a similar procedure to full-time security. As with other security mobile patrols can include: 

  • Exterior inspection
  • Interior inspection
  • Key holding and alarm response

Exterior inspection - Mobile patrols allow you to employ security guards with the responsibilities of surveying outdoor spaces around your building and premises. This allows you to check for break-ins and vandalism on the exterior of your property.

Interior Patrols - Mobile patrols allow you to employ security guards with the responsibilities of inspecting the inside of your offices. This allows you to detect theft or destruction internally in your property. 

Key holding and alarm response - Mobile patrols allow you to employ security guards with the responsibilities of holding office keys and responding to alarm activations. This eliminates the need for an untrained employee visiting the site during late hours potentially putting themselves in danger. 




What are the advantages of mobile patrols for your business? 

Below are some advantages of deploying mobile patrols for your business.

A cost-effective option

Because you do not need a full-time on-site security presence, mobile security patrols are an extremely cost-effective option for small businesses and multi-site business owners. Although you limit the time the security guards are on-site, you can have the peace of mind that you always have a trained security presence on call if needed. 

Cover a large multi-site area 

Mobile patrols are perfectly designed to assist multi-site business owners. This is because, as the name states, they are mobile and able to easily travel to another site. They also have techniques and experience of performing checks on-premises with the intention of moving on once the checks are complete.  

Carry out a variety of checks 

Mobile patrols, just like traditional onsite security, are trained to SIA licensed level. This means they can perform a variety of checks including exterior inspection, interior inspection, key holding and alarm response. Mobile patrols offer a quality, professional service designed around the needs of the customer. 

Deter criminals from targeting your site

Simply having a security presence is a brilliant way of deterring crime. This means you may be able to stop a burglary before it happens. Traditionally, if criminals see security guards patrolling, CCTV, and alarm systems they are less likely to target your office. This is because there is a greater risk they will be caught.

Offer flexibility and changeability

Mobile patrols are perfect for small businesses looking for flexibility and changeability without dropping in the standard of security the hire. The nature of mobile patrols visiting sites at given times and performing tasks set by a business, means that you can create an incredibly tailored plan. If your needs change, it is also easy to add or replace individual services you are deploying.


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