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What Does Dog Handling Involve?

If you are looking for a highly cost effective security solution, security dogs are one of the most effective deterrents against anyone looking to provoke violence or steal. Also known as, a man’s best friend, dogs have the ability to recognise social hierarchies. They have an incredible awareness of their environment and complete loyalty to their owner.

Depending on what tasks you require a dog handler to undertake can determine its role. In this post, we detail what a security dog can be used for:


Detection Dogs

It’s a well-known fact that a dog’s most valuable sense is their sense of smell. Compared to humans, dogs have two different nasal passages as opposed to one, which they use for breathing and smelling. This means that dogs are capable of storing the smell even while breathing out air. Their extra 295 million smell receptor enable dogs to sniff out objects, no human in the world could detect. Through training, a dog can help pin point an item to an exact location.

Depending on whether the dog has been trained to expose bombs or drugs, they will be used in airports, banks and schools or at public events, to name a few locations.


Guard Dogs

Guard dogs will have a hardworking and even slightly scary personality. However, a well-trained dog can make a public place safer and run more smoothly without the need to attack or harm anyone. Breeds used for guarding usually range from German Shepherds for their intelligence, size and athleticism to Mastiffs for their physical and intimidating behaviour. As with any guard dog, it is important that they are well trained to respond to commands that will aid the handler and keep your premises secure.


Patrol Dogs

As well as guard dogs, German Shepherds make great patrol dogs used to help chase down criminals fleeing a crime scene. The dogs are specially trained to take people down without harming them, usually knocking them off balance. By using a vice like grip with their mouth, dogs can keep the criminal in position while the guards catch up to restrain the suspect.


Other than a ‘man’s best friend’, dogs have proven to be so much more than that. These are amazing creatures capable of keeping your premises secure. To find out how you could benefits from using a dog handler, do not hesitate to contact us.


Written by WINNS Services