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What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the need of having a working environment that is safe and sanitised has become a necessity to ensure the safety of a company’s employees. This need has produced the emergence of an innovative and effective cleaning method, referred to as an electrostatic sprayer.

The electrostatic sprayer is an innovative piece of cleaning equipment that is proven to prevent the spread of infection using positively charged chemicals. The electrostatic sanitising system is perfect for all types of businesses and industries due to being a non-intrusive form of cleaning.

What is an Electrostatic Sprayer?

An electrostatic sprayer is a sanitising spray system that encompasses all surfaces and touch points eliminating all viruses and germs.

How does it work?  

The electrostatic spray system works as a sanitiser and a preventative for harmful viruses and germs within an enclosed environment. It does this by producing an electrostatically charged mist that is dispensed over surfaces and touch points.

Due to the nature of the mist and the spray dispense system, the staff operating the equipment only must point the dispenser at the objects for it to be effective. The mist disperses across the entire surface, even getting the hard-to-reach areas.

Once the mist has touched the surface it immediately begins to disinfect the area. It also remains in contact with the surface, creating a barrier to prevent germs returning to the area.

Electrostatic sprayer

Why is the Electrostatic Sprayer so effective as a Disinfectant?

The electrostatic sanitising system is such a strong disinfectant and deterrence against viruses due to the science behind its methods.

Within the electrostatic spray, a specialised chemical solution is positively charged through a combination or air and positive electrodes. This solution contains chemicals known to be effective in the disinfection and sanitisation.

When the positive solution leaves the spray, it is immediately attracts to the negative charge on the surfaces and objects. This means the solution can reach all parts of an area, including the hard-to-reach places. It is also this charge that plays a key part in allowing a protective barrier to form.

When should an Electrostatic Spray be used?

An electrostatic spray is a versatile and effective cleaning method for many businesses and industries. It is non-harmful and does not affect electrical equipment.

It can be used in offices, schools, medical facilities, commercial kitchens, and countless other spaces that require a more complete clean. The spray can be performed in or out of working hours.

an Electrostatic Sprayer

The benefits of an Electrostatic Sprayer

1) It is an effective infection control

2) It can be used in different locations and surfaces

3) Areas sprayed are fit for purpose 15 minutes after spraying

4) It is quick and easy compared to traditional methods

5) The sprayer is easy to prepare for and non-intrusive

6) You are guaranteed a professional standard of cleaning

7) Creates a safe and productive work environment

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Written by WINNS Services