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What is Daily Cleaning?

Daily cleaning is a commercial service that is designed to help companies that find that their premises get dirty within a short space of time. 

You can try to clean the premises yourselves, but if you are looking for professional results, without taking any time away from running your business, then daily cleaning is the right choice for you. 

A trained member of staff, or team of staff, will visit your premises every day and carry out a variety of cleaning tasks to ensure that your premises looks as sparkling and clean as possible. It may only take an hour or so, or it may take a few more. It really does depend on the size of your premises and the end results that you are looking for. 

Why would you need daily cleaning at your place of work?

There is a variety of reasons that offices, warehouses, or shops can get dirty. We have highlighted some examples below: 

  • They may have a high number of customers visit the premises each day.
  • The company may employ a high volume of staff.
  • The nature of the work generates a lot of mess. 

Any business may need a daily cleaning service. As mentioned above, daily cleaning is for any business that finds their premises getting dirty within a short space of time. 

What happens during daily cleaning? 

Daily cleaning is an excellent solution available for your business, but what exactly happens during the cleaning process? 

As daily cleaning is for any type of business and includes several techniques and services. The combination of these are what allows the daily clean to become an effective way in maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in your business. 

We have provided a list of the most popular services to give you an insight into what happens: 

  • Clean and sanitise individual workstations
  • Dusting and wiping computer monitors and keyboards
  • Clean and sanitise office phones
  • Clean and sanitise light switches, handles and doorknobs
  • Remove cobwebs and dust light fixtures
  • Clean windows, glass, and any painted surfaces
  • Clean and sanitise all hard surfaces 
  • Vacuum or mop floors 
  • Clean general areas including reception, meeting rooms
  • Clean and sanitise kitchen, sinks and food preparation areas
  • Wash hand towels and tea towels 
  • Clean and sanitise bathrooms and toilets
  • Empty waste and recycling bins, cleaning and disinfecting where necessary

Daily cleaning’s focus is to clean and sanitise. To help with sanitising areas that have been cleaned, it is likely non-abrasive cleaners (link to blog) and disinfectants will be used during the cleaning. Professional cleaning providers will usually provide these products, and from their experience, know the best product to use given the area they are cleaning. 

Daily cleaning wiping

What are the benefits of organising Daily Cleaning?

There are several benefits that can come with organising Daily Cleaning for your business. 

  • It creates a clean and pleasant environment for your staff to work in. Happy staff are known to be more productive. (Link to quote) 
  • It creates a great impression on external visitors. This could be potential clients, customers, or employees. 
  • A cleaner environment is a safer environment. Daily cleaning helps prevent the spread of germs and improve overall health.
  • Clean workplaces help expensive equipment last longer by preventing the build-up of dust and dirt. 



Written by WINNS Services